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Palace Theatre
420 N. Broadway
Operated from about 1911 - 1920
Palace Theatre - photo about 1915
- Prosperous Pittsburg, Pictorially Portrayed

The Palace Theatre was located at 420 N. Broadway in the vicinity of where the Kansas Teachers Credit Union is now. It opened on Jan 28, 1911 and showed only moving pictures. It closed in March 1920 when the Colonial Theatre opened across the street at 409 N. Broadway. According to Gene DeGrusen, former curator at the PSU Axe Library Special Collections Department, the theatre didn't have its own concessions so Mr. Nelson F. "Teddy" Hoffman and his wife Anna Early filled the void. Both midgets, they grew up in the area, married, left Pittsburg in the 1928 and went to Hollywood and appeared in three movies. According to their obituaries, Mr. Hoffman ran a popcorn and peanut stand between Fourth and Fifth Streets on Broadway in the teens and twenties, right in the heart of the theatre district at that time. He was only 40 inches tall and after his stint in Hollywood traveled with carnivals for 12 years before he and his wife returned to Pittsburg. In later years Mrs. Hoffman could be seen selling brooms around town. Teddy Hoffman was born Dec 6, 1883 in Columbus, KS and died Sept 16, 1956. His wife Anna was born Dec 14, 1888 and died Jan 12, 1958. They are both buried in the Frontenac Cemetery.

"Talking Pictures at the Palace Friday, Saturday and Sunday." Pittsburg Daily Headlight Jan 28, 1911
"Palace Theatre Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 26-27. 'Life and Adventures of the James Boys in Missouri,' 250 People in Cast. 50 Riders, 50 Horses, 2-Days Only. Admission 10 cents. 3000 Feet of Motion Pictures. 130 Scenes. Don't Miss This." Advertisement, Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Sept 25, 1911.


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