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Crystal Theatre
314 N. Broadway
The Crystal Theatre, located at 314 N. Broadway, opened about 1910 and closed in about 1913. According to the 1910 Pittsburg City Directory, it was owned by Toussaint DeLamonio and had 500 seats.
Crystal Theatre Advertisements

"'The Recreation of an Heiress,' a comedy showing how a good fortune hunter got stung. At the Crystal tonight." Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Dec 28, 1910.

"At the Crystal theatre Tuesday and Wednesday biograph 'Fates Turning,' 'Eclipse,' 'The Truant of Florence,' 'Song O O Ohio.' Hickman's orchestra." Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Feb 1, 1911.
"At the Crystal Thursday and Friday vit[a]scope 'Margot Come Back Yanke Returned to the Fold,' 'Powers For My Pail.' Song 'It's Hard to Find a Real Nice Man.'" Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Feb 3, 1911.
"At the Crystal Thursday and Friday, Imp. Picture-land, Imp's first release in Cuba. Special The Hindoo's. Tuesday. Good Music." Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Feb 24, 1911.
The Garden
110 - 112 W. Fifth
Opened on Sept. 3, 1914 with a seating capacity of 700 and closed in 1917.
The Garden Advertisement
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The Garden Advertisement, Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Thursday June 10, 1915
The Nickel Theatre
208 N. Broadway
The Nickel Theatre or the Nickeldome as it was sometimes called was located at 208 N. Broadway across the street from the Frisco Depot. It isn't sure when this theatre opened, but do know that in September of 1907 they were showing the black and white silent picture film "The Passion Play". Filmed in Philadelphia, PA and released in January 1903, it was made up of 40 short installments that when played together would make a 60 minute feature film.
"The Great Passion Play. This Wonderful and Sublime Moving Pictures at the Nickel Theatre. All Week Commencing Monday, September 9," Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Sept 7, 1907.

"The greatest rush in the Eastern Cities now is to see the Passion Play in moving pictures colored to life. The Nickledome has purchased the pictures for Pittsburg, one week afternoon and evenings commencing next Monday. Opposite Frisco Depot." Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Sept 7, 1907.

"At the first performance of the moving pictures of the great Passion Play this afternoon at the Nickledome the house was packed to the doors and many people were unable to get in." Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Sept 9, 1907
"The singing during the Passion Play pictures this week at the Nickledome will be by Miss Blanche Lyons of the Kansas University, Ladies and Children should attend from 3 to 5 and avoid the evening crowds." Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Sept 9, 1907
"The Great Passion Play running at the Nickel Theatre has brought such big crowds that many people have been turned away for this reason we will run the entire play Sunday afternoon beginning at 1 o'clock. Opposite Frisco Depot." Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Sept 14, 1907
Redmen's Opera House
100 Block of West Third Street
I don't know anything about this opera house except that it was located in the 100 block of W. Third, most probably on the second floor and was in operation in September 1907 as seen by the advertisement below.
Redmen's Opera House Advertisement
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Redmen's Opera House Advertisement, Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Monday Sept 23, 1907


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