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Airdome Theatre
Northwest Corner Ninth & Broadway
Previously the Lyric Theatre

Not long after "W. W. " Bell and his partners in The Pittsburg Amusement Company built the La Belle Theatre at the northeast corner of Fourth and Locust in 1904, he joined forces with another group of men and built the Lyric Theatre on the northwest corner of Ninth & Broadway. In 1906, he sold his interest in the La Belle and concentrated on the Lyric Theatre. In 1907, he bought out the other investors in the Lyric. In about 1910 he changed its name to the Airdome Theatre, and enlarged the stage and seating area. As you can see from the fire insurance map of 1913 below, the stage was located on the west end of the property with enclosed seating in a u-shape on the east end. According to Bell's obituary, he is credited with coining the term "Airdome." In 1914, Bell opened up the Airdome's sister theatre, the Bungalow at Euclid & Broadway, which showed moving pictures. The Airdome was open till about 1915.

There was another theatre in Pittsburg called the Airdome. It was supposed to be built in 1920 on the northwest corner of Tenth & Broadway., by the Dubinsky Brother's of Chicago who controlled a large part of the vaudeville circut in the midwest. However, since the local investors were from Frontenac, it was ended up being built in Frontenac and was called the Dubinsky Bro's Frontenac Airdome.

Airdome Theatre Images
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Airdome Ad - Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Aug 7, 1907

Airdome Ad in the PHS Purple & White Yearbook - May 1909

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map Showing the Airdome Theatre - 1913 (courtesy the late Gene DeGrusen, Axe Library Special Collections, PSU) Airdome & Bungalow Theatres Ad
- Pittsburg Daily Headlight,
May 8, 1915
Airdome & Bungalow Theatres Ad
- Pittsburg Daily Headlight,
June 2, 1915


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