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Wonderland Theatre
414 N. Broadway
The Wonderland Theatre opened for business on Sept 1, 1907 at 414 N. Broadway. It was the first theatre to be opened on this site, and would later become the Vaudome (1908-1911) the Electric Theatre (1911-1919), the Klock Theatre (1919-1926) and finally the Midland Theatre (1926-1954). The Wonderland was the first theatre in Pittsburg to show moving pictures, but closed in 1908 when the building was purchased by W. W. Bell, owner of the La Belle Theatre.
Wonderland Theatre Images
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Wonderland Opening Ad with Airdome Ad - Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Friday Aug 30, 1907 Wonderland & La Belle Ad - Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Friday Sept 14, 1907 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map Showing the Airdome Theatre - 1908 (courtesy the late Gene DeGrusen, Axe Library Special Collections, PSU)
The Vaudome Theatre
414 N. Broadway
The Vaudome Theatre opened on September 27, 1908 in the remodeled space of the Wonderland Theatre at 414 N. Broadway. It was owned and operated by the Bell-Olendorf and Ballard Amusement Co., with W. W. Bell, part owner of the La Belle Theatre at Fourth and Locust as manager. The Vaudome was the venue for the vaudeville shows in Pittsburg at that time. It closed somewhere around 1911 when the Electric Theatre opened at that location.
Vaudome Theatre Articles
"Vaudome Opening," Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Sept 26, 1908: "Every town of any importance has an up-to-date Vaudeville house, and the Bell-Olendorf and Ballard Amusement Co., who are the leaders in offering entertainment to the public in the several different towns they are interested in, think that Pittsburg should not be behind in the line. So at at expense of a few thousand dollars have remodeled the Old Wonderland building into a metropolitan little play house, that will open Monday evening with high class polite vaudeville at popular prices.
Admission will be 10 cents with some seats reserved at 20 cents. Seats may be reserved any time several days in advance.
There will be just two performances given every night, rain or shine. First one at 8 o"clock and the second one at 9:15. Matinees will be given every Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday at 3 p.m. prices for matinees will be: Sundays the same as evening, Wednesday and Saturday any seat for adults 10 cents and children 5 cents.
A complete change of program will occur every Sunday and Thursday, and every Wednesday night will be amateur night, when cash prizes will be offered.
The opening bill for the first half of the week is Corcoran and Dixon, Black face comedians, late of Dockstaders, Min. The Gilmore Sisters, "Ranch Girls" Singing, Dancing and quick change. Tric-O-Lora, English Comedienne, Bending Bonda, Contortionist.
Miss Edyth Ashcroft, the best singer of picture songs ever in Pittsburg and the Vaudomoscope, showing the latest in motion pictures. Contracts have been made for the Chittilini orchestra for all performances.
Remember seat sale opens tomorrow at 10 a.m. and while we have a nice seating capacity, we will not be able to take care of everybody on one night, so if you want to see the best Vaudeville you ever saw at the prices, buy seats early. Yours for amusement, W. W. Bell, Gen'l Manager."
"Vaudome Opens." Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Sept 28, 1908: "The Vaudome opened last night with a large attendance and a good entertainment which would give the impression that the Vaudome will be a profitable successor to the Airdome which closed this season--last Sunday night. Vaudeville will be the feature of the Vaudome for the winter season while the La Belle theatre will handle the other class of attractions."
Electric Theatre
414 N. Broadway
Electric Theatre - 414 N. Broadway - photo about 1915
- Prosperous Pittsburg, Pictorially Portrayed

The Electric Theatre opened in 1911 at 414 N. Broadway in the building that had housed the Wonderland Theatre, the first theatre to show moving pictures. It was owned by a partnership of W. H. Daly and E. H. Klock. Klock's father owned the building south and had ran a grocery store there for many years when his son decided to venture into the entertainment business. In about 1919, the Klock's would tear their grocery store down along with the Electric Theatre and construct a much large theatre that would be called the Klock Theatre and later the Midland.

Electric Theatre Notices
"At the Electric tonight, a riot of fun, the Four Frozos." Pittsburg Daily Headlight Jan 5, 1911
"Don't miss seeing Madam Dorothy's 14 White Poodles Sunday at the Electric. All our acts approved by Pittsburg's Board of Censorship." Local Events, Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Jan 4, 1913.
"Custer's Last Fight shown at the Electric Theatre Friday and Saturday. Greatest war act ever shown--1000 soldiers--1000 Indians--hundreds of horses. Don't miss this." Local Events, Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Jan 8, 1913
Electric Theatre Images
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Electric Theatre Ad - Pittsburg Daily Headlight Sept 3, 1911

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map Showing the Electric & Palace Theatres - 1913
- courtesy late Gene DeGrusen, Axe Library, Special Collections, PSU


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