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Fourth & Broadway
Panaramic View 1916-1917
Panaramic view of Fourth & Broadway looking West
- 3" x 24" Photo Mailing Card 1916-1917


"Pittsburg is a city of 22,000 inhabitants, situated in the heart of the southeastern Kansas coal fields. It is engaged in coal mining, which is carried on with deep shafts and immense steam shovels, some of which are the largest in the world.

Zinc smelting is being pursued on a large scale. This class of industry affords the visitor considerable opportunity for seeing something of interest.

The clay industry is represented by vitrified brick works, a pottery plant and a tile plant. The clay found in this vicinity and used by these concerns is the best in the United States.

The city, itself, has many beautiful homes, thirty miles of paved streets, one and a half miles of white way, beautiful churches, a good Y.M.C.A., and two parks. Lincoln Park is one of the largest in the state. In this park is situated a convenient camping ground, which is fully equipped for tourists.

Pittsburg is a metropolis of a thickly populated section of south-eastern Kansas and southwestern Missouri, which produces more material wealth than probably any like area in the world. One hundred and fifty thousand people live within a radius of 28 miles, and within this radius are located the richest lead and zinc mines in the world, the immense deposits of coal and valuable clay already referred to, and thousands of acres of fertile agricultural land.

Four railroads and 102 miles of interurban electric lines afford excellent transportation and passenger facilities between Pittsburg and the numerous other cities and towns in the district.

Pittsburg is close to the great natural gas fields of Kansas and Oklahoma and enjoys the advantages of cheap gas.

Top portion and Pittsburg information on back of mailing card

Few cities in the country can offer the combination of cheap coal, cheap gas, excellent transportation facilities, large local markets, and other advantages which Pittsburg offers to the prospective manufacturer. A payroll of $1,500,000 per month indicates to what an extent these resources have already been taken advantage of , but there is plenty of room for more. The clay working industry in particular offers alluring inducements. Thousands of tons of this material have already been uncovered and it is easily accessible.

Pittsburg and prosperity are on intimate terms." - transcribed information from back of mailing card

Fourth & Broadway looking North
Enlarged Portion of Photo Postcard - 1916-1917
I am dating this picture between 1916 and 1917 based upon a couple of things including the 1916 and 1919 Pittsburg City Directories. Also that the First State Bank building wasn't remodeled and enlarged into the structure with the columned front until 1917 and the Kettler Furniture & Carpet Company wasn't torn down until 1919 when it was replaced with the Colonial Theatre.
1. Commercial Building & The National Bank of Commerce - 401 N. Broadway
  2. Crowell's Drug Store - 405 N. Broadway
3. Kettler Furniture & Carpet - 407 N. Broadway
4. J. M. Liepman Clothing - 411 N. Broadway
5. Guizeppe Bros. Confectionary - 413 N. Broadway
  6. W. S. Lanyon Jewelry - 415 N. Broadway & First State Bank of Pittsburg - 417 N. Broadway
  7. The Toggery Clothing - 419 N. Broadway & C. E. Banta Jewelers - 421 N. Broadway
  8. Ash Drug Store - 423 N. Broadway
  9. First National Bank of Pittsburg - 425 N. Broadway
  10. D. G. Seymour & Co. - 501 N. Broadway
  11. National Bank of Pittsburg - 402 N. Broadway
  12. C. A. Smith & C. H. Smith, Physicians & J. A. Jent, Dentist
  13. Central Pool Hall - 406 N. Broadway
  14. Coulter & McGuire - 408 N. Broadway
  15. Electric Theatre - 414 N. Broadway
  16. Fire Station Headquarters No. 1 - 108 W. Fourth
Fourth & Broadway looking South
Enlarged Portion of Photo Postcard - 1916-1917
1. Roll Lindburg Drug Store - 324 N. Broadway
  2. C. L. Dummit, dentist & Arthur Moberg, physician - 324 1/2 N. Broadway
3. Degen's - 320 N. Broadway
4. 20th Century Cleaners - 322 1/2 N. Broadway
5. Globe Building - 321 N. Broadway
  6. Sell - Atkins Mercantile Co. - 319 N. Broadway
  7. Evans Book Store - 317 N. Broadway
  8. Owl Drug Store - 315 N. Broadway
  9. C. W. Ridgeway Hardware - 313 N. Broadway
  10. Pittsburg Mortgage Co. - 311 N. Broadway
  11. Karbe Cash Grocery - 309 N. Broadway
  12. Grand Theatre - 307 N. Broadway
  13. Beck & Hill Meat Market - 303 N. Broadway
  14. S. & L. Drug Co. - 219 N. Broadway
  15. Joplin & Pittsburg Railway Co. 101 W. Fourth
  16. Jennes Building - Pittsburg Candy Co. - 105 W. Fourth
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