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Pittsburg City Schools Timeline
1877 - present
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Below is a timeline of the history of Pittsburg city schools that I compiled with information from a variety of resources including newspapers and the Pittsburg Almanac. Clicking on a link will take you to a seperate page with images and more information. The dates were sometimes hard to pin down exactly, so if there are any mistakes or additional information please let me know.
  1877 - First schoolhouse in Pittsburg, a 2 story 2 room wooden structure, is built on the west side of Walnut betweeen 5th and 6th streets at a cost of $1,200. It was 28 feet x 40 feet.  
  1884 - A new 8 room 2 story brick school is built on the west side of North Broadway between 9th and10th streets at a cost of $12,000. It had one room dedicated to high school curriculum. It became known as the Granby School due to its proximity to the Granby Smelters northwest of the school.  
  1888 - South School (Washington) built at 207 S. Locust.  
  1889 - North School (Lincoln) built at 208 E. 17th resulting in the closing of the Granby School.  
  1891 - West School built on the southeast corner of Fourth & Chestnut at a cost of $15,000.
East School built at 603 N. Rouse.
  1893 - Bonds issued for a new brick school building on the site of the original school at 5th & Walnut.  
  1894 - Central School is dedicated and includes classrooms for both elementary and the manual training high school.  
  1901 - Bonds are sold to build a new building dedicated only for a high school on the northwest corner of 8th and Broadway.
School Board changes names of school buildings: South School became Washington, North School became Lincoln, West School became Forest Park and East School became Eugene Field. Central School didn't change its name.
  1903 - New Manual Training High School building dedicated at 807 N. Broadway.
Central School becomes the first home to the new State Manual Training School, which is now Pittsburg State University.
  1904 - Lakeside School opens, cost of $25,000.
Eugene Field enlarged, cost of $10,000.
  1913 - Douglas School built at 306 W. 11th. It housed the African American students of Pittsburg through grade 9.
  1915 - First Parent-Teacher Organization in Pittsburg formed in the spring at Lakeside.
  1916 - Lakeside and Eugene Field outgrows their buildings so additional overflow buildings are built at the schools.
  1919 - Site for a new high school is chosen by the school board between 12th and 14th streets on North Broadway.
  1921 - New 3-story brick High School opens.
Old High School at 8th and Broadway becomes Roosevelt Junior High for grades 7-9.
  1925 - The State Manual Normal School completely moves out of the old Central School building which is remodeled and doubled in size.
  1926 - A new 2-story Lakeside Elementary and Junior High School is built on the site of the old Lakeside building. (current building)
A new 2-story Lincoln School is built on their current site.
  1928 - Horace Mann laboratory school opens on the campus of the Kansas State Teachers College at 121 E. Cleveland.  
  1929 - A new 2-story Eugene Field School brick building built on site of old school.  
  1937 - A new 1-story Washington School built on site of old school.
  1939 - A 3-story brick addition is added to the High School on the east end and becomes the new Roosevelt Junior High. The old Roosevelt Junior High at 8th and Broadway is closed and torn down the following year.  
  1950 - Douglas School closes and all the elementary schools become integrated.
Westside Elementary School is built to consolidate the Forest Park and Central Schools classes. Forest Park is torn down soon after and is replaced by a city park. Central is used by the City of Pittsburg as temporary offices while a new City Hall is being built at 4th and Pine on the site of the old City Hall.
  1956 - George E. Nettles elementary school built on South Homer to accomodate the children in the southeast part of Pittsburg.
College High School is built on the campus of the Kansast State Teachers College on the northeast corner of Cleveland and South Broadway.
  1968- George Nettles school is enlarged.
  1971 - The Pittsburg Board of Education moves into their new offices, the Earl R. Bevens Education Center, off Homer Street.  
  1979 - New one-story High School is built at 1978 E. Fourth for grades 9 - 12. Roosevelt Junior High and Lakeside Junior High are closed and the old High School become the Pittsburg Middle School for grade 6 - 8.  


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