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North School / Lincoln School
1700 N. Locust
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Lincoln School
- postmark 1912
Lincoln School
- photo 1915
Lincoln School
- photo 2009
Lincoln School
-photo 2009
Lincoln School
- Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1897
Lincoln School
- Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1913
Lincoln School
- Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1923
Lincoln School
- Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1944

Lincoln school began as the North School and was built in 1889 on land secured from the Kansas & Texas Coal Company at a cost of $25,000. The new 12 room school replaced the brick school building at 8th and Broadway, which had been built in 1884. In 1901 the name was changed to Lincoln School. As the school continued to grow 2 overflow buildings were built that could hold an additional 100 students in 1914. A Parent Teacher Organization was formed with parents and teachers from the school in May 1915. In February of 1926, the citizens of Pittsburg voted $450,000 in bonds to build three new schools, one of them being a new $110,000 school building designed by the C. A. Smith Architectural Firm from Kansas City, to replace the old Lincoln School. The other schools built were Eugene Field and Lakeside. Lincoln School closed in 1994 and was consolidated with Eugene Field School at the new elementary school, Meadowlark which was built on East Twenty-Third east of Rouse. Lincoln School was torn down in Sept/Oct 2009 and the site sold. Today a few new houses sit where Lincoln school used to be.

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