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Lakeside School
709 S. College
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Lakeside School
- no postmark (c1907-1914)
Lakeside School
- photo 1915
Lakeside School
- photo 1995
Lakeside School Pennant
- circa 1970's
Lakeside School
- Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1905
Lakeside School
- Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1913
Lakeside School
- Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1923
Lakeside School
- Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1944

The first Lakeside School was built in 1904 at 709 S. College with new students occupying the school that fall term. The school building, built by local contractors Drunagel & Stanneart, cost $30,000 and had 6 rooms. Martha Sandford was the first principal of the new school and also taught the 6th grade. Other first year teachers included Edna Jones, 7th grade; Frances Coffin, 4th and 5th grades; Pansy Armstrong, 3rd and 4th grades; Donia Embree, 2nd and 3rd grades and Josephine Brown, 1st and 2nd grades. As Lakeside continued to gain more students an addition to the southeast corner of the building by local contractor S. E. Geatches enlarged the building by 2 rooms. It was completed on 17 June 1910. After the great earthquake in San Francisco on April 18, 1906, the students of Pittsburg raised $55.05 in relief money for those affected. Lakeside students raised $11.35, second to the High School which raised $16.55. The first Parent Teacher Organization in the Pittsburg schools was formed in the spring of 1915 at Lakeside. In February of 1926, the citizens of Pittsburg voted $450,000 in bonds to build three new schools, one of them being a new $295,000 building on the site of Lakeside School that would include both Lakeside Elementary and Lakeside Junior High. The new school was designed by the C. A. Smith Architectural Firm from Kansas City and completed in October 1926. In 1980, Lakeside Junior High was consolidated with Roosevelt Junior High in the old high school building at Fourteenth and Broadway as the Pittsburg Middle School, grades 6 to 8. In 2003 the building was remodeled and is still used as Lakeside Elementary School.

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