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East School / Eugene Field School
East Sixth between Tucker & Rouse
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East School
- newspaper photo 1897
Eugene Field School
- newspaper photo 1904
Eugene Field School
- photo 1915
Eugene Field School
- photo 2014
East School
- Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1892
Eugene Field School
- Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1905
Eugene Field School
- Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1913
Eugene Field School
- Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1944

The East School was built in 1891 on the north side of East Sixth street between Rouse and Tucker at a cost of $4,997 by local contractor A. L. Matteson. Construction began in June 1891 and was completed by September 1891. The school was renamed Eugene Field School at the beginning of the 1901 school term. By 1903 enrollment at the school had increased to 353 students with pupils seated 3 to a bench. As a temporary solution the school district rented the Swedish Church for overflow at 5th and Fairview. For a more permanant solution, the school board asked the voters in Pittsburg to approve $10,000 to build an addition onto the building, more than doubling the size of the school. After the enlargement the elementary school had a student capacity of 40, but Pittsburg continued to grow in population. In about 1913 once again the school became overcrowded so another addition was added. In 1926, a new two-story brick building was built on the site, which is the building that is there today. Eugene Field School was closed in 1994 and the students were consolidated with Lincoln School students into the new Meadowlark School on East Twenty-Third.

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