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West School / Forest Park School
725 W. Fourth
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West School
725 W. Fourth
- newspaper image 1897
West School
725 W. Fourth
- Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1897
Forest Park School
725 W. Fourth
- photo 1915
Forest Park School
725 W. Fourth
- Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1944

West School, a 4-room building for 1st-6th grades, opened on 19 October 1891 on the southeast corner of Fourth and Chestnut at a cost of $15,000. A month after the school opened, the fire department was notified that there was a fire at the school. When the fire fighters arrived they rushed down to find that the fire had been put out by the janitor and had started in the basement where some plaster and wainscotting caught fire above the coal furnace. The damage was minimal and school resumed the next day. In May 1899 the name was changed from West School to Forest Park School in recognition of the trolley that ran west on Fourth Street to one of Pittsburg's first areas of amusement, Forest Park which was located south of Hull & Dillon across the road. On 3 March 1913 a petition was presented to the school board with 242 signatures to build a new 8-room school in the west part of town to replace Forest Park School. The school board decided instead to remodel and enlarge the current Forest Park School by adding a new 4-room addition. A bond election was held in Aug 1913 to authorize the school board to spend $22,000 for the improvements with the bond issue passing and the contract being awarded to S. E. Geatches on 23 March 1914. The newly remodeled school reopened on 14 Sept 1914. By October 1915, the schools were becoming crowded again and the school board approved building an overflow building behind Forest Park school. Forest Park School was consolidated with the students of Central School in 1951 into the new Westside School that was opened at 503 W. Fifth between Miles and Olive streets. The building was torn down in about 1953 and the site became a city park.

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