Pittsburg Scenes - Schools
1914 - Purple & White Yearbook
Pittsburg High School

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Inside Cover
Purple and White
Manual Training High School
Dedication Page Superintendent
E. T. Armstrong
J. L. Hutchinson
Faculty Members
Frances E. Palmer
Laura J. Finley
Gertrude Johnson
Mildred Gilmer
Faculty Members
E. F. Scholtz
Calla Leeks
Pearl Garrison
Florence R. White
Faculty Members
Mary E. Little
Roberta Sheets
Emma Drunagel
Henrietta Crotty
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Faculty Members
Lula McPherson
C. F. Barnes
Olive Collins
C. E. Musgrave
Supervisor of Music in City Schools
R. Clark Hubbard
Edward Patterson
Louise Gibson
Business Managers
Morres Liepman
Julius Schechner
P & W Editors
Purple and White Board
Edward Patterson, Louise Gibson, Morres Leipman, Julius Schechner, Hawley Seymour, Frank Linski,
Esther Stewart, Clara Seleman, Kathryn Nesch, Peter J. Quinn, Maurine Hiatt, LaVern McCall, John Ash, Geraldine Ott, Charles Robinson, Bernie Goodrum,Eleanor Smith, Fritz Liepman

Purple & White

Drawing Staff

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Senior Mascot Commencment
Drawing by
Peter Joseph Quinn
Seniors 1914
Drawing by Morres Liepman
Senior Officers
John Davis President
William Danner VP
Golden Dyer Secretary
Louise Gibson Treasurer
Senior Class
Margaret Barrett
Alfred Anderson
Ethel Coffey
Senior Class
Paul Behm
Gladys Alexander
Amos Bennett

Senior Class
Hazel Chegwidden
William Danner
Mary Corrington

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Senior Class
Elmer Conner
Reve Brewer
John Davis
Senior Class
Rachel Davis
Albert Greef
Mary Doyle
Senior Class
Greta Drake
Lloyd Hanes
Golden Dyer
Senior Class
Hazel Fears
John Ferpotto
Kathryn Kyle
Senior Class
Louise Gibson
Clarence Kidder
Ruth Gregg
Senior Class
Maurine Hiatt
Lawrence Gibson
Mabel McFall
Senior Class
Jennie Kinsella
Frank Linski
Mabel McCoy
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Senior Class
Esther Stewart
Paul Hess
Ruby Peterson
Senior Class
Bertha Horner
Morres V. Liepman
Gladys Jones
Senior Class
Edward Patterson
Myrl Robertson
James Staib
Senior Class
Pearl Murphy
John Randolph
Blanche Pierpont
Senior Class
Lorene Summers
James Wright
Eva Yarcho
Senior Class
Anna Rickey
Charles Robinson
Wanita Reisinger
Senior Class
Ethel Schlanger
Frank Robinson
Ulla Sidwell
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Senior Class
Helen Smith
Julius Schechner
Almeda Smith
Senior Class
Lydia Best
Marguerite Moffat
Marie Cutburth
Senior Class
Doris Hogeboom
Bertha Horner
"Efficiency, the Modern Watchword"
Wanita Reisinger
"Between Two Worlds"
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Pearl Murphy
Edward Patterson
"Friends and Fourteeners"
Class Poem
Ethel Schlanger
"Our High School Bouquet"
Commencement Program
May 24, 1914
Class Day Oration
James Staib
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Class Day Oration
James Staib
Arbor Day Oration
Greta Drake
Senior Play
"Pride of Virginia"
May 27, 1914
Senior Notes
Esther Stewart
Senior '14
Drawing by Maurine Hiatt
Senior Notes Continued
Esther Stewart
Drawing by
Peter J. Quinn
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Junior Officers
Glen Kassebaum President
Florence Norris VP
Mattie Reese Secretary
Gould Randolph Treasurer
St. John, Jennngs, Mueller, Kaylor, Ross, Kerr, Kasmerski, Halliday, Bartea, Cantrell, Dauwalter, Baldwin, Forsythe, Watson, Kenner
(no first names listed)
Roach, Bruce, Campbell, Feldman, Conner, Hill, Hamrick, Lynd, Prichett, Sylvester, Hutchinson,
Evans, McCaskill, Beasley, Cumisky, Uhles,
Whitaker, Bird, Stillwaugh, Walts, McBride
(no first names listed)
Bailey, Diller, Miers, Hatton, Black, Casad,
Patterson, Hamrick, Beine, Ash, Bressee, Goodrum, Allison, Stevens (no first names listed)
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Davis, Nesh, Seymour, Schirk, Skourup, Dunsmore, Osborn, Bresee, McBee, Buehre, McAdoo,
Spicer, Kincaid, Summers, Kassebaum,
Brandenburg, Randolph, McCall
(no first names listed)
Junior "Daisies"
La Vern McCall
Junior "Daisies"
La Vern McCall
Junior "Daisies"
La Vern McCall
Junior Play
"For One Night Only"
May 8, 1914
Class Day Oration
Charles Black
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The Classes
Sophomore "Daffy Dills"
John Ash, Reporter
Sophomore Notes
John Ash, Reporter
(no names listed)
Sophomore Notes
Drawing by
Peter J. Quinn
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Freshmen Notes
Eleanor Smith, Reporter
(no names listed)
Freshmen Notes
Pittsburg High School
To Our Alma Mater

Class Poet, '14
Superintendent's Office
Principal's Office
Mechanical Drafting
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Commercial Department
Commercial Comments
image by Peter J. Quinn
Commercial Comments
Drawing by Maurine Hiatt
Society Notes
Kathryn Nesch, Reporter
Society Notes
Society Notes
Page 85 Page 86 Page 87 Page 88 Page 89 Page 90 Page 91
Short Story Section
by Letha McClenahan
An Unlucky Day
by Wanda Fruit
An Unlucky Day
The Four Years of War
by Wm Danner
The Four Years of War
Running Up the Flag
by J. W.
Running Up the Flag
Page 92 Page 93 Page 94 Page 95 Page 96 Page 97 Page 98
Mrs. Ezra Stebbins Explains the
Country Picnic
by Chas. S. Robinson
Mrs. Ezra Stebbins Explains the
Country Picnic

Mrs. Ezra Stebbins Explains the
Country Picnic

drawing by Peter J. Quinn
Page 99 Page 100 Page 101 Page 102 Page 103
Drawing by Maurine Hiatt
Athletic Association
Clay Cockerill - President
Kathryn Nesch - Secretary
John Davis - Treasurer
Football Schedule
drawing by Peter J. Quinn
Football Team
Back Row: H. Spencer, W. Price, Alfred Anderson, Coach Armstrong,
Clay Cockerill, Louis Wooleson, John Randolph
Middle Row: Glen Barber, Kassabaum, Monahan, E. McGrath
Front Row: John Davis, Carl Cockerill, E. Lynd

Season 1913
Page 104 Page 105 Page 106 Page 107 Page 108
Sweater Group
Back Row: John Randolph, Glen Barber, Alfred Anderson, Louis Wooleson, E. McGrath, Glen Kassebaum, John Davis, E. Lynd
Middle Row: Harold Spencer, Wilma Scott,
Wanita Reisinger, Glen Halliday,
Carl Cockerill, Clay Cockerill, Monahan
Front Row: Cantrell, William Price, Jarrell, Coach Armstrong, Clara Seleman, Paul Hess, Robertson

Basketball Notes
Season 1913-1914
Girls Basketball Diary
Season 1913-1914
Girls First Team Basketball
Back Row: Cantrell, Wanita Reisinger,
Captain Clara Seleman,
Wilma Scott Middle Row: Mae Heidleberg, Patrick
Front Row: Robertson, Jarrell
Girls Basketball Diary
Season 1913-1914
Page 109 Page 110 Page 111 Page 112 Page 113
Second Team Basketball
Back Row: Clarence Kidder, Frank Robinson, William Danner, Charles Robinson
Front Row: Amos Bennett, Morres Liepman, Julian Liepman (Captain)
Drawing by Peter J. Quinn
Base Ball
Frank Lenski, Captain
Base Ball
Back Row: John Randolph, Carl Cockerill, John Davis, Louis Wooleson, Frank Lenski (Captain), Clay Cockerill
Front Row: Frank Robinson, Paul Hess, Troy
Michie, F. Lashley

Track Team
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Tennis & Hockey
Drawing by Maurine Hiatt
New Things in the H. S.

New Things in the H. S.
P.H.S. Circus
The Prologue
P.H.S. Fair

Sights at the Fair
Page 121 Page 122 Page 123 Page 124 Page 125 Page 126 Page 127
Rogues Gallery
Rogues Gallery
Rogues Gallery
Rogues Gallery
Rogues Gallery
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Music in the Public Schools
Great Aunt Ann's Story
I Deduct That /
Senior Aeronaut Club
The Trials of the Editor
/ Don'ts
Just Imagine
by R. G. and A. R.
Page 135 Page 136 Page 137 Page 138 Page 139 Page 140 Page 141
Wanted to Know Dictionary of Common Terms
On the Road to P. H. S.
by Paul D. Hess
Irony on P. H. S. Assembly Room Rules
by Pearl McBride
by Elsie Evans
Page is missing Page is missing ?
by Mae Heidelberg
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Index to Advertisers
Ads & Jokes
Drawing by F. C. Liepman
Printing Company

103-105 E. Fifth
Printing Company
103-105 E. Fifth
Cropper & Ellis Insurance
Commerce Bldg

Treadwell & Williams Jewelers & Engravers
423 N. Broadway

James Tangye & Co.
722 N. Broadway

F. W. Buehre Carpet & Drapery Store
706 N. Broadway
Ferguson Studios
523 1/2 N. Broadway
The Kettler Furniture
and Carpet Company

407-409 N. Broadway
Page 149 Page 150 Page 151 Page 152 Page 153 Page 154 Page 155
The First National Bank
of Pittsburg
425 N. Broadway
The Pittsburg Drug Company
412 N. Broadway

Peerless Model Shoe Company
512 N. Broadway

Ramsey Brothers and Co.
517-19 N. Broadway
Frank S. Botefuhr Music
612 N. Broadway

White Star Laundry
214 N. Broadway

Electric Fruit Stand
414 N. Broadway
Smith & Miller
Real Estate
701 N. Broadway

The Star Clothing Co.
312 N. Broadway
Roy Snyder's Shoe Shop
109 W. 5th

Steffens Bros.
213 N. Broadway
The M. S. Lanyon
Jewelry Co.

415 N. Broadway
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Lumber Co.
122 N. Broadway
Standard Ice & Fuel Co.
Second & Pine

Up-To-Date Furniture & Carpet Co.
318 N. Broadway

The Killiam Jewelry Co.
403 N. Broadway
320-22 N. Broadway
Cumiskey's Laundry
614 N. Broadway
Affairs d'Amour
by E. S. '14
502 N. Broadway

D. Hogeboom
Kirkwood Block
Page 163 Page 164 Page 165 Page 166 Page 167 Page 168 Page 169
610 N. Broadway
The First State Bank
417 N. Broadway

Starr Grocery Company
103 & 105 E. 7th St.

Yocum & Billings Tailors
420 ˝ Broadway

The Orpheum
4th & Locust
Danner’s Toggery
603 N. Broadway

Eliza J. Rogers
616 N. Broadway

by F. N. ‘15
The National Bank of Commerce
401 N. Broadway
Crawford County Creamery Co.
111 W. First

The Merchants
Transfer Co.

109 W. Third
Sam & Oscar
513 N. Broadway
Page 170 Page 171 Page 172 Page 173 Page 174 Page 175 Page 176
The Seymour Dry
Good Co.
501 N. Broadway

The Classes
by D. D. '14

The National Bank
402 N. Broadway

L. W. Ash Druggist
423 N. Broadway

J. M. Davies
Kirkwood Building

Otto Greef The Land Man
104 W. 4th
Crowell's Drug Store
405 N. Broadway
Kansas Gas & Electric Co.
Commerce Building
Pittsburg Wholesale Grocery Co.
203-205 N. Locust

The Sanford-Robinson Lumber Co.
408 E.Third

L. H. Kidder
108 W. Third
Acme Engineering Co.
104 W. 4th

Every Student Should Take an Annual
drawing by Peter J. Quinn
Page 177 Page 178 Page 179 Page 180 Page 181 Page 182 Page 183
Pittsburg Tailoring Co.
419 N. Broadway


Coulter McGuire
408 N. Broadway

Kennedy Boot Shop
508 N. Broadway
Israel Brothers
607 N. Broadway

411 N. Broadway
What They Say When They're Late
drawing by Hawley Seymour
J. M. Liepman
411 N. Broadway
Pittsburg Business College
318 S. Broadway

Uncle Hiram
drawing by H. Goodrum
Manufacturers Sample Shoe Store
6th & Broadway

Scott's Calcium Compound
Page 184 Page 185 Page 186 Page 187 Page 188 Page 189 Page 190
Hamrick & Co.
423 ˝ N. Broadway

Ideal Furniture Co.
117-19 E. 4th

Wright’s Greenhouses
201 W. Kansas

Pittsburg Modern
Milling Co.
217 E. Fourth
621-623 N. Broadway

411 N. Broadway
This is not a Holdup
drawing by Lewis Ward
620 N. Broadway
Pittsburg Confectionery
506 N. Broadway
The Pittsburg State Bank
608 N. Broadway
Page 191 Page 192 Page 193 Page 194 Page 195 Page 196 Page 197
Steinhauser Florist & Nursery Co.
1112-1120 S. Broadway

Fourth & Pine
Globe Shoe &
Clothing Store
321-323 N. Broadway

Evans Book Store
423 ˝ N. Broadway

Roll Lindburg’s
Drug Store
324 N. Broadway
Peach Blow Cream & Peach Blow Face Powder
Sold at all Drug Stores

Anxious Moments
Geo. F. Reeves
Commercial Hotel

G. P. Manchester
207 N. Broadway

The Seniors Nightmare
New York Confectionery Co. & Guizeppe's Chocolates
301 N. Broadway/413 N. Broadway

Taylor’s Insurance Agency
311 N. Broadway
Dr. W. T. Embree
F. S. Robison
D. F. Schoch
Dr. Hugh B. Caffey
Dr. C. W. Ott
Dr. H. M. Grandle
Dr. A. J. Dodds
Dr. G. S. Moffatt
Dr. J. A. Jent
Dr. H. M. Bacon
W. H. Graves, M.D.
Lawrence Dillman, D.D.S
Page 198 Page 199 Page 200        
O. L. Stamm, Cash Grocer
422 N. Broadway

C. E. Banta & Co.
421 N. Broadway

Palace Pictures
420 N. Broadway
411 N. Broadway

Julius M. Schechner & M. V. Liepman
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