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Pittsburg Travelers of 1932
- Photo "Kansas Centennial Edition,"
The Pittsburg Headlight and The Pittsburg Sun, May 14, 1961
Pittsburg Pirates of 1936
- Photo "Kansas Centennial Edition,"
The Pittsburg Headlight and The Pittsburg Sun, May 14, 1961

Front Row: left to right, Tony Delabetta, Tom Engle, Chuck Melsenheimer, George Kretchett, Francis Malone and Albert Hill; second row: Sid Tounsley, August (Babe) DeGasperi, Angelo Scalet, Bobby Johnston, Lefty Trumbull, Bob Dunbar and C. E. Perkins, reporter for The Pittsburg Sun.

Front Row: Jackie Loth & Joe Friskel, batboys; second row: left to right, George (Peanuts) Anderson, Sammy Gardner, Henry Osterfelt, Carl Ross and Carnie Smith; third row: Roy Cottongim, John France, Charles Huntington, Eddie Ross, Leo Laird and Clarence Buche; back row: Maurice Quinn, John Loth and August (Babe) DeGasperi


Does anyone know anything about these semi-pro baseball teams?
When did they play? How long did they play? Who the players were?

There is another picture of the Pittsburg Pirates from about 1914 in the same paper, but it is too dark to scan in. It lists the players of the team as follows: Roy Fennimore-batboy, John T. McNeil-business manager, Les Claybrooks-first base, Emory Olson-second base, C. A. Ludlow-president of the club, Chet Olson-shortstop; Ves Olson-third base, Nonie Baker-field manager, Keli Theis-left field, Jolly Blazor-center field, Joe Lyons-right field, Willie Reed-catcher, Carroll (Deke) Jones-pitcher, Otis Lambeth-pitcher, Hugh McWilliams-catcher and John McNeill, Jr

I have found the following information on some of the players.

Carroll (Deacon) Jones was born in Arcadia, KS on Dec. 20, 1892 and died in Pittburg, KS on 28 Dec 1952. He pitched in the major leagues for the Detroit Tigers, debuting on 23 Sept. 1916 and playing his final game on 30 Aug. 1918

Otis Samuel Lambeth was born in Berlin, KS on May 13, 1890 and died in Moran, KS on June 5, 1976. He pitched for the Cleveland Indians, debuting on 16 July 1916 and playing his last game 24 April 1918.

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