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Lincoln Park
Pittsburg Daily Headlight, 30 May 1936
"Above is shown a realistic sketch of the Lincoln Park improvements, including both projects now under way, and possible developments at some future date, as envisioned by the architects, Hare & Hare. As shown in the landscaped drawing several projects are pictured for which no immediate arrangements have been made, but which will be included as further work is done in future years. The drawing depicts the completed whole.
The project now in operation includes the construction of a swimming pool, two parking places, an improved road, new bandome and seating arrangement, a lily pond and auxiliary work. A bituminous mat surface will be given the road around three sides of the park.
The surfacing project is separate from the park project proper, but is being carried out in connection with the other work. Catalpa, north from Ninth to Twelfth, west to Georgia and south up Georgia to Ninth will be included in the mat surfacing project, which will eliminate miniature dust storms resulting from motor car traffic.
From Catalpa, the present 1-way traffic road through the park is to be improved, with fills being made some as much as five feet, and widening. A 2-way traffic street will be permitted on the improved road.
Just south of the east end of this road will be a motorcar parking area constructed within the park proper. The area will at the southeast entrance of the park.
At the site of the old bandome there is excavation work in progress preliminary to the construction of the swimming pool. To the south of the pool will be a lily pond. Bathhouses will be built on the south edge of the swimming pool.
The hollow in the present tourist camp section of the park will be the scene of the new concrete and brick bandome, which will face the north. In front will be tiers of seats, which will accommodate 2,600 persons.
To the west of the tiers of seats and just off Twelfth Street, will be the second parking area, where persons may sit in their motor cars and enjoy summer concerts. A concrete walk will extend from the east edge of the lower section of the park about half way across to meet a new walk, which will lead from the swimming pool.
These projects are being developed at the present time. No others are on the schedule at present, but there are plans for considerable further work, which may be developed in future years, Harry W. Nesch, city engineer explained.
All of the summer months will be needed for construction work on the pool and show may be flying this winter before finishing touches are added, according to the city engineer. Use of the pool this summer is entirely out of the question, he said.
Included in the possible future improvements is the construction of a new playground at the present site of the waterless lake on park property just east of the park proper. The drawing shows development of two ball diamonds and places for other games.
Possible development of a larger playground in the lower section of the park, and improved tennis courts are included.
Another change possible, and shown in the drawing, is a transfer of the park greenhouse, now west of the auditorium. Under the program, the greenhouse would be moved farther to the west.
In the area, now devoted to flowers, in front of the auditorium, a rose garden may be developed. The landscaping proposal shows the possible location.
Other improvements possible are the extension of sidewalks through the park.
Also, a car parking area on the west side of the park, adjacent to Georgia, is shown, for future development. It would be for the convenience of picnic parties." - Pittsburg Daily Headlight, Saturday, May 30, 1936
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