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Euclid Circle Park
Intersection of Rose & Euclid
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1888 Map of the Frank Playter Addition to Pittsburg Showing Euclid Park

Playground is Ordered Prepared
The Commission Votes Unanimously to Utilize Euclid Park
It is to Be Put in Condition for the Kids with Seats, Swings, Sandpiles and Other Equipment.

There was not a dissenting vote when Commissioner Kumm proposed a resolution at yesterday’s meeting of the city commission to convert the city’s unused Euclid avenue property into a park or playground for small children. The project, proposed recently by Mayor Skourup, received the votes of all five commissioners without so much as a discussion.
The matter was brought up by the mayor, who suggested that the time was ripe for action. Mr. Kumm offered a motion instruction Park Commissioner Lindsay to have the park cleared and put in condition for use and to install seats, swings, sandpiles and such other play apparatus as usually is found in such playgrounds. The vote was unanimous in favor of the plan.
The work necessary to make the park available to the public will be begun at once and within a few weeks the needed improvements will have been made and the “Welcome” sign will be hung out for every little boy and girl in the city.
Probably no public improvement ever was authorized in Pittsburg with so little opposition as this children’s park. In fact, from the moment it was proposed, endorsements of the plan were heard on all sides.
The park, while open to the public primarily and particularly will be for the use of young children especially those of such age that they must be accompanied by their mothers. The amusement facilities will be such as are in use in similar playgrounds in large cities, and the commissioners believe that the resort will prove one of the most popular innovations that has been carried out here.
Pittsburg Daily Headlight, June 19, 1913, p8, c4


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