The Pittsburg Headlight carriers, standing outside the Headlight Buildings at 622 N. Broadway, waiting to deliver the newspapers to Pittsburg subscribers - photo 1912 (The Pittsburg Headlight and The Pittsburg Sun, KS Centennial Edition, 1961)
Street Scenes
The Pittsburg Headlight Building - 622 N. Bdwy
Here is a list of most of the newspapers that have been published in Pittsburg since it was a small outpost on the prairies of southeastern Kansas. The information came from mostly Pittsburg City Directory listings. If anyone has any stories, pictures or more information on a particular newspapers, please email me.
Newspaper *Denotes Name Change Misc. Information
Daily Headlight first issue April 18, 1887

*Pittsburg Daily & Weekly Headlight
*Pittsburg Headlight
*The Pittsburg Daily Headlight

*Pittsburg Headlight
*Pittsburg Headlight - Sun

*The Pittsburg Morning Sun
1887: Founder: Millard Filmore Sears & wife Nannie Sears
1889: Sold to Moore Brothers
1901-1902: Editors: Moore Brothers
1908: Published every evening except Sun, Subscription by carrier .40 cents per month or by mail $4.00 per year (in advance); Weekly issued every Thursday at .50 cents per year.
1930-1966: Built new building at 701 N. Locust in 1930 and bought The Pittsburg Sun in 1966
The Pittsburg Daily Worker 1890's: Weekly founded by W. C. L. Beard. Later paper moved to Girard
I. I. Lavoratore Italiano


Editor & Publisher: Edward Caffaro
1906: Issued every Thurs., Subscription $1.50 per year
1908-1923: Issued every Friday, Subscription $1.50 per year
The Independent Editor & Publisher: Alex M. Howat
1933-1939: Semi-Monthly
The Labor Bulletin
*The Joplin-Pittsburg Labor Bulletin
*Tri-State Labor Bulletin
Editor & Publisher: Beatrice F. Wilson 1955-1957
Publishers: Albert A. & Beatrice F. Wilson 1958-1959
Publisher: Beatrice F. Wilson 1960-1963
Labor Herald Editor & Manager: W. T. Sears
1912: Issued every Friday, Subscription $1.00 per year
The Manualite Industrial Arts Building at State Manual Training Normal School
1914: Issued weekly, Subscription price .50 cents per year
Pittsburg Daily News 1912: Free, published by the Daily News Publishing Co., issued every evening & Sun morning, Subscription Free, by mail $3.00 per year.
The Pittsburg Kansan (Democratic)

1901-1905: Editor - John Buchanan
1906-1907: Editor & Publisher - Dr. J. F. Callen, Issued every Friday, Subscription $1.00 per year
1908-1916: Issued every Saturday, Subscription $1.00 per year.
1919: Editor - Mrs. Elizabeth Callen

Pittsburg Labor Journal 1925: James D. Barnes
Pittsburg Smelter 1881
Pittsburg Weekly Tribune 1901: D. C. Flint & Sons
The Sun (Independent)

Pittsburg Sun

1916: Published by the Sun Publishing Co., Editor: Paul A. Jones, Issued every morning except Monday; Subscription by carrier .25 cents per month or by mail $2.00 per year
1919-1924: Managing Editor: Cal LaPointe-Audette; issued every morning except Monday; Subscription by carrier .40 cents per month or by mail $4.00 per year
1925-1929: The Sun Publishing Co.
1930-1966: Pittsburg Publishing Co.
1966: Bought by Pittsburg Headlight
The Workers Chronicle 1914: Published by Sears & Brewer; Issued every Friday; Subscription $1.00 per year
1919-1923: Publisher & Editor: Roy K. Crain; Issued every Friday; Subscription $1.00 per year.
Millard Fillmore Sears, Founder of The Pittsburg Headlight (1856-1934)
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The above two pictures are from The Pittsburg Headlight and The Pittsbug Sun; Kansas Centennial Edition; 1961
The Pittsburg Daily Worker staff taking a break in the early 1890's - photo - The Pittsburg Headlight & The Pittsburg Sun; Kansas Centennial Edition 1961
F. W. Brinkeroff, Editor of The Pittsburg Headlight in 1911 and The Pittsburg Sun in 1932, serving as editor of both papers until his death in 1966. (1902-1966)
Home of The Pittsburg Headlight & The Sun, built in 1930 - Northwest corner of 7th & Pine. Now home of The Morning Sun