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220 N. Broadway
Commercial Hotel and Others
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Metropolitan Hotel
- Sanborn Insurance Map 1885
Hotel Cissna
- Advertisement Pittsburg Headlight April 2, 1888
Merchants Hotel
- Sanborn Insurance Map 1892
Midland Hotel
- Sanborn Insurance Map 1897
Commercial Hotel
- Sanborn Insurance Map 1902
Commercial Hotel
- photo 1915*
The second story of the brick building at 220 N. Broadway was home to as many as 11 different hotels until it was torn down in 1964. It along with the rest of the block was leveled to make room for the new National Bank of Pittsburg, now Bank of America, which opened on the spot in October 1966. Starting with the Metropolitan Hotel in about 1885 it was followed by Hotel Cissna around 1887, which was owned and ran by proprietress, Mrs. S. E. Cissna. Between 1892 and 1900 it changed hands 3 times as the Merchants Hotel, once again becoming the Hotel Cissna and then the Midland Hotel. In 1901 it became the Commercial Hotel and stayed as one of the premier hotels in town till 1923 when it became the Midland Hotel again under the ownership of Mrs. Mary McKee and Mrs. Katherine Ralston followed by Jesse T. Cable. Other names it was known as include the Hotel Virginia (c1930-1933), Hotel Pittsburg (c1936-1939), the New Hotel Inn (c1940-1946), the Hotel Inn (c1947-1955) and finally the O'Neal Hotel, which was painted pale yellow, from 1956 until the demolition in 1964. The above insurance maps show that the building really didn't change much from 1885 until 1902 with only the types of business on the first floor changing hands.

* Commercial Hotel photo courtesy of Dorothy Benskin, Crawford County Genealogical Society


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