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Pittsburg Marble Works
Office/Showroom - 105-107 N. Broadway
Yards - Northeast Corner 2nd & Locust

Yards Built: 1904

Enlarged Photo Showing the Pittsburg Marble Works Office/Showroom - 105-107 N. Broadway
- Prosperous Pittsburg, Pictorially Portrayed: 1915
Photo - Pittsburg Marble Works Yards , Built 1904 - Northeast Corner 2nd & Locust
- Prosperous Pittsburg Pictorially Portrayed: 1915
The Hance White & Son Marble Works business was located on the west side of Second and Elm near the Frisco train tracks in 1892. The business grew and the offices and show room of the business was moved to the northeast corner of Second & Broadway. He built a new cutting and finishing building across the street from the old offices in 1904, which is the building above and below. It was made of cut stone with carved faces of prominent Kansas legends such as Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp, Jesse James and Carrie Nation arched around the windows. He changed the name to the Pittsburg Marble Works and it grew to be one of the largest marble works in the Midwest by the 1920’s. His son Paul opened and operated a branch of the works in Miami, OK for a few years. The Pittsburg Marble Works supplied stone for many of the buildings and homes in Pittsburg and at PSU. Some of those buildings include the Commerce Building, Russ Hall and the Colonial/Fox Theatre. His specialty though was tombstones and vaults.
Photo - Pittsburg Marble Works Yards Building
- February 2006
Photo - Top Cornice of the Pittsburg Marble Works Yards Building, Showing Date Built: 1904 - Feb. 2006
Photo - Carved arches of the Pittsburg Marble Works
Yard Building - Feb. 2006
1970's Photo Post Card of one of the carved faces on the Marble Works building. This one is believed to be of Mark Twain.
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