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Glick Mercantile Company
113-119 N. Broadway
Founded: 1907


Glick Mercantile Co.
J. F. Glick - President
H. G. Glick- Secretary & Treasurer
Advertising Photo - “Industry Appreciation Week Section,” Pittsburg Headlight & Sun, April 17 & 18, 1965


Glick Mercantile Company Is Proud of Pittsburg Heritage

Glick Mercantile Company is proud of its Pittsburg heritage where it was founded in 1907 at the comer of Ninth and Broadway by John Frederick Glick, father of the sons who now form the company located at 113-119 North Broadway. A wholesale firm dealing in dry groceries and soft goods items, the business also has a small drug line and operates within a 60-mile radius of Pittsburg. Employing 26 persons, Glick Mercantile is proud of its em-ployment policy in which offers no job without perma-nency. Karl Glick, president of the company, said any time an em-ployee was added to the staff it was on the premise the job would be permanent. We hire no one on a seasonal basis, he said. When works become a little slow we put our workers to another job around the plant.
Saw Future of Pittsburg.
The founder of the company came to Pittsburg in 1900 as a grocer salesman and retail store operator for a Topeka firm. Believing in the future of Pittsburg, be opened his own business here seven years later. Through 1921 the company used a team and wagon to make deliveries in a radius of ten miles. Two trucks were ob-tained in 1921 to handle merchandise transfer. One of the trucks was of the solid rubber tire variety. In the office is a framed invoice from Bruffy Brothers in Franklin dated in 1908. It listed tobacco, thread, brick cheese and sugar with a total cost at $10. The sugar, 100 pounds, was invoiced at $2.50.
Karl Now President.
The elder Glick died in 1939 and his son, John, was named president. John died in 1955 and Fred became president. He remained head of the firm until last month when Karl was named president at the annual meeting of the board of directors. Each of the sons, while at the helm, have adhered to the sound business policies established by the father and they have a concrete foundation for the business to continue to develop and flourish.- “Industry Appreciation Week Section,” Pittsburg Headlight & Sun, April 17 & 18, 1965, p. 17c

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