Crawford County, Kansas



Founded in 1890 and named Englevale after Jerry Engle who owned the land where the new town was laid out. The first postmaster was W. L. Baysinger, with the first school being taught by Charles Finley.

"Englevale, located near the west line of Lincoln township, on the Fort Scott and Southern Railroad (now the Missouri Pacific), was laid out in the fall of 1890, on land belonging to David Dick and Jerry Ingals. Frazier & Baysinger built the first store building and put in a stock of general merchandise. W. L. Baysinger was appointed postmaster, which office he has continued to hold, with the exception of four years during President Cleveland's administration. The first school was taught by Charles Finley, and the first child born in the town was Pearl Swain. Two neat churches, the Methodist Episcopal and Church of God, supply places for worship. Three other general stores, one drug store, one grain house, and one lumber yard constitute the largest part of commerical activity. A coal shaft, employing about one hundred men, is in constant operation, and produces the very best quality of bituminous coal. The coal measure is from thirty to forty-two inches. The farming lands surrounding Englevale are very productive, and are occupied by an intelligent, industrious people." - A Twentiety Century History and Biographical Record of Crawford County, KS, Home Authors, 1905 by Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, IL
"A village of Lincoln township, Crawford county, is a station on the Missouri Pacific RR about 9 miles northeast of Girard, the county seat. It has a money order post office, express and telegraph service, telephone connections, a hotel, a feed mill, some good general stores, and in 1910 reported a population of 140." - Kansas - A Cyclopedia of State History, Embracing Events, Institutions, Industries, Counties, Cities, Towns, Prominent Person, Etc., Frank W. Blackmar, editor, copyright 1912.