Crawford County, Kansas



Crawfordsville was the located on the banks of Lightning Creek, two miles west and 1/2 mile north of present day Girard and was named after Governor Samuel J. Crawford. The first county election was on April 15, 1867, just 2 months after Crawford County was founded and Crawfordsville was established as the county seat. The town grew impressively at first, boasting a postoffice, blacksmith shop, schoolhouse and a few cabins. Soon a courthouse was erected. But by the fall of 1867, there became a power struggle between Crawfordsville and the newly organized Girard Town Company, who thought Girard was more suited to be the county seat because of its central location and it being a stop for the Kansas City, Fort Scott & Gulf Railroad. An election was held on Nov. 5, 1867 and Girard was declared the winner, thus being designated as the county seat. But the election was declared a fraud, because a petition hadn't been collected by the people of the county calling for an election to settle the matter. A petition with the signatures of 577 county residents was presented to the district court of Dr. D. W. Crouse on Nov 7, 1868. An official vote was taken on Dec 15, 1868, and with 375 votes, Girard won the contest to become the new count seat. Crawfordsville garnered 312 votes. The county records were transported to Girard. There isn't anything left of Crawfordsville today.