Crawford County, Kansas

Cemeteries in Crawford County, Kansas


Clicking on a link for a cemetery will take you to either a page where I have transcribed the records or to another site where the records already are. I have a copy of the original transcription book of Mr. Cuthbertson's and will be happy to check it for you if there isn't a link to a particular cemetery. Please put "Cemetery Look Up" in the subject line and include the name or names you are looking for and which cemetery to look in. Please try to keep it as specific as you can, one name or names per cemetery. I can't do a blanket search of the book for surnames like Davis or Smith. If you have any questions, please contact me and I will be happy to try and help you. I live in St. Louis so am not able to do any other research for you except from the resources I have. If you have a more specific question or need an obituary looked up, please contact the Crawford County Genealogical Society in Pittsburg. Thanks.

Below is a list of the major cemeteries in Crawford County, Kansas, those with 100 graves or more. They were transcribed by William Cuthbertson and his mother between 1961-1975. Several of the links for cemetery transcriptions are to pages where Carol Brooks has walked the cemeteries and have added new burials since the original transcription and verified what Cuthbertson transcribed. (Thanks Carol!) There are also other links at the bottom of the page that have some transcriptions and pictures of stones in Crawford County cemeteries.
Beulah Highland Park (Pittsburg) Osage Brethren
Cherokee Hobson (Pittsburg) Pittsburg Garden of Memories
Fairview (Englevale) Langdon (S of Pittsburg) Pittsburg Zion Lutheran
Farlington McCune Rosebank (Mulberry)
Frontenac McGonigle (Farlington) St. Mary's Catholic (Pittsburg)
Girard Monmouth St. Patrick's Catholic (Walnut)
Glenwood (Walnut) Mt. Carmel Catholic (Frontenac) Sheffield/Pleasant Valley
Greenbush Mt. Olive (Pittsburg) Walnut
Hepler Myers West Union
Hepler Immanuel Lutheran Old Arcadia/Forest Hill  
List of small or private burial sites cemeteries that contain less than 100 graves. These were also transcribed by William Cuthbertson and his mother between 1961-1975.
Arcadia Catholic Dumbald (4 miles W of McCune on private property) Kledehn Family (no stones left) Rowe
Baxter (State Park N of Pittsburg) Dunbar Family (near Drywood) Koopman-Minecey Graves Sale
Beecher-Hammond (W of Pittsburg on Quincy St.) Fowler Little Schmale Farm (near Gross)
Bevans Freeman Graves (near Croweburg) McClaughry or Matthew Black Shirley (State Park N of Pittsburg)
Brazilton Zion Lutheran Frogue/Frogge Matt's Graves Simmons Family
Brown Frump Infants Graves Meyere-Bammann Smilie Family
Clark Goshert Infants Graves Mills School Smith Graves
Coonrod (S of Cato) Halley Family Morton Infants Spangler (S of Brazilton)
County Farm (was located near Girard, no stones left) Hamm Family Mosteller Graves Trodgen
Crawfordsville (no stones) Hewett-Coffey Graves Mt. Carmel School Union Center

Dalton Family (site under Bone Creek Lake. Stones moved to McGonigle Cem. at Farlington)

Hoggett Graves Mt. Pleasant Vandermullen Family
Daniels Family Horsley Nance or Dearing (S of Cato) Washington Township (near Franklin)
Davis (1 mile N of Opolis) Idell Newbanks Infants Williams
Dietz/Hopefield/Lone Star (2 miles W of PIttsburg) Iowa Lutheran (near Brazilton) Olive School Yale
Driscoll & Hemmington (near Farlington) Jones (E of McCune) Paulk Infants Graves  
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