Kansas & Texas Coal Company's Building was located on the southwest corner of 6th and Broadway. This building burned down about 1914 and was replaced with the building that once housed the Wick Hotel and the S. H. Kress store.




It was very common in the late 19th century to put the names of the person or persons who financed the building of a structure on the building itself and calling it a block. This is misleading because they weren't always a row of buildings between two streets. Most were of a block shape, thus the name. This building was built by William D. Ford and William H. Yarcho to house their real estate, loan & insurance offices. The two-story structure had apartments on the second floor with store fronts for two businesses on the street level. To make the building a profitable investment, Ford and Yarcho had their office in the basement of the building and rented ou the upstairs. The Ford & Yarcho Block was located on the southwest corner of 4th and Broadway and was torn down around 1900 and replaced by the Globe building which in turn was torn down by K.G.E. who built the current structure on the site.


The Hotel Stilwell was built in 1889 by Arthur Stilwell and other local busnessmen. It is located on the southwest corner of 7th & Broadway. It was restored and remodeled in 1997 and is now being used as apartments for the elderly.


This is an early sketch of Lincoln school at 208 E. 17th. It was also known as the North school and was built in 1889 at a cost of $25,000. This building was torn down in 1926 and was replaced with the current structure on the site.


The Granby Mining and Smelting Company, built in 1882, was located in the northwest part of Pittsburg bounded by 12th Street on the south, 14th Street on the north, Walnut Street on the West and Broadway on the East. It was known as part of the "Four Great Zinc Smelting Works" in Pittsburg along with the 3 Lanyon family smelters. It had 6 furnaces and had an output of 2,500 tons by 1893


The Pittsburg & St. Louis Zinc Co's smelter was organized on February 13, 1890 by Franklin Playter and other outside interests from New Haven, CT and St. Louis, MO. To get the smelter built in Pittsburg, the Pittsburg Board of Trade offered a $15,00 incentive. In 1893 they had 8 furnaces and annual output of 3000 tons. Their offices were located in the Ford & Yarcho building on the southwest corner of 4th and Broadway.


The Robert Lanyon & Co's Smelter,built in 1878 and was located near 2nd & Smelter. By 1883 it had 10 furnaces and an annual output of 3,500 tons.


The S. H. Lanyon & Bro’s Smelting Company came to Pittsburg in 1881 after the success of his brother, Robert Lanyon’s smelter. It was located east of the railroad tracks on East 4th Street and would have included most of Schlanger Park. In 1893, the smelter had 6 furnaces and an annual output of 2,500 tons.


The W. & J. Lanyon Zinc Smelter was located northeast of Robert Layon’s smelter and would have included the area the makes up Mission Clay today. It opened in Pittsburg about 1881 following the other Lanyon smelters successes. In 1893, it had 6 furnaces and an annual output of 2,500 tons.

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