Directory Listings

Remember that 4th Street & Broadway was the main dividing point in the city in 1890, so 101 N. Broadway would actually be 401 N. Broadway today and 101 S. Broadway would be 317 S. Broadway. The system of numbering as we know it today was done about 1896 when the city changed some of the street names.

Abarr, Miss Mary, Local Editor Daily Smelter, husband R. L. Abarr.
Abarr, Robert L., residence 207 W Kansas
Abell, Benjamin L., farmer, residence 209 N Pine
Achenbach, Benjamin F., carpenter and builder, boards 804 S Elm
Achenbach, James, carpenter and builder, residence 804 S Elm
Adams, Alfred, teamster, residence 209 W Washington
ADAMS EXPRESS CO., A. E. Michie, Manager, Office 108 E Third
Adams, James M., clerks L. L. Hollinger, residence 806 N Joplin
Adamson, James L., laborer, residence 206 N Olive
Aikman, James F., carpenter and builder, residence 704 S Broadway.
Akin, Lambert L., night watchman at W. and J. Lanyon's smelter, residence 212 S Locust
Albertson, Edward, works coal mine Frontenac, residence 205 S Joplin
Alexander, J. W., (Alexander & Ratliff, Grocery men,) 103 W Forest
ALEXANDER & RATLIFF, (J. W. Alexander and Robert Ratliff) 106 N. Broadway.
Algareth, Henry, works Granby smelter, residence 1103 N Smelter
Allen, Albert G., proprietor lodging house corner Fourth and Locust
Allen, Alonzo H., laborer, residence 902 N Joplin
Allen, David, retired farmer, v 109 E Washington
Allen, George, proprietor hay press, boards Pacific House.
Allen, George W., carpenter and builder, residence 812 S Elm
Allen, James, engineer, residence 306 N Olive
Allison, C. M., brick mason, residence 312 W Kansas
Allison, Frank E., works Granby smelter, residence 118 E Cherry
Alterman, August, laborer, residence 407 E Eighth
Alterman, Henry, works R. Lanyon & Co. smelter, residence 201 S Locust.
Anderson, John H., merchant, residence 608 W Eighth
ANDERSON, John H. & SON, Dealers in General Merchandise, 118 E Fourth
Anderson, R. B., (John H. Anderson & Son, general merchandise) 118 E Fourth
ANDERSON & CO., (John H. Anderson, N. L. Miller) Real Estate, Loans and Insurance, office 118 E Fourth
Archer, John Q., works Granby smelter, residence 1008 N Joplin
Arnold, Elijah, laborer, residence 209 E Tenth
Arnold, William E., laborer, r 408 S Locust sty.
Arnott, David, coal prospector, residence 202 N Olive
Arnott, John, Pittsburg Coal Co., boards Pittsburg House.
Armstrong, John, barber, boards Pittsburg House.
Arthur, Josiah B., blacksmith, residence 323 W Fourth
Ashbaugh, John H., manager Pittsburg Opera House, residence and room same.
Atken, Charles, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 1003 N Fourth.
Atkinson, John, works coal mine No. 20, residence 106 N Elm.
Atkinson, Thomas, works coal mine No. 20, boards 106 N Elm
Atkinson, John T., clerk Ramsey's feed store, boards 106 N Elm
Aukrun, W. E., stock dealer, boards Opera House Parlors.
Awtry, James, janitor, residence 308 S Pine
Ayers, Milton, wagon maker, residence 409 N Walnut
Babcock, George C., works Pittsburg foundry, residence 310 E Park
BACON & EDDY, (G. W. Bacon, C. J. Eddy) wholesale coal dealers, office 202 1/2 S Broadway.
Bacon, George W., (Bacon & Eddy) boards Hotel Cissna
Bailey, Leonard A., laborer, residence 212 N Woodland
Bailing, Moses, teamster, residence 308 W Sixth
Baker, James, laborer,boards Eagle House.
Baker, Luther O., works Granby Smelter, boards 308 E Tenth
Baker, Lem, works J. P. Kreger's livery stable, residence 307 E Ninth
Baker, Matthew, works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's, smelters, residence 209 N Joplin
Baker, William E., stone mason, residence 901 N Joplin
Balske, Martin, works Granby smelter, residence 206 N Elm
Barber, Henry W., proprietor restaurant, residence 303 S Walnut
Barbier, Joseph, works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's smelter, residence 301 S Joplin
Barbier, L., works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 203 N Joplin
Bardwell, C. S., manager grocery dept Kansas & Texas Coal Co's store, boards Hotel Cissna.
Barker, John L., grocery man, residence 505 Locust
Barnett, Daisy, waitress Hotel Cissna, residence same
Barnes, John, salesman, boards Pittsburg House.
BARRATT, SAM, Mayor of Pittsburg, residence 107 N Pine
Barratt, Thomas W., trader, residence E Cherry
Barr, R. L., farmer, residence 203 W Kansas
Barron, P. W., chief engineer water works, residence 312 N Walnut
Bartholomew, John, carpentor, residence 105 N Joplin
Bates, P., railroad employee, boards Eagle House.
Bash, John, plasterer, residence 707 N Locust
Bassett, John A., carpenter and builder, boards Pacific House
Baxter, Abraham, retired farmer, residence 311 N Walnut
Baxter, Leonard C., Long-Bell Lumber Co., residence 1009 N Fourth
Baxter, Sylvester W., Long-Bell Lumber Co., residence 209 E Tenth
Beadle, C. S., real estate agent, office 1071/2 S Broadway, boards Hotel Cissna.
BEADLE, C. S. & CO., Real Estate, Loan and Insurance Agents, office 1071/2 S Broadway
Beadwood, Mrs. Ella, (widow of James) residence 306 N Locust
Beasley, John H., (Jernigan & Beasley) Plumbers, Steam and Gas Fitters, residence 108 W Forrest
Beasley, John W., moulder, residence 103 E Loveland
Beaver, Harry, carpenter, boards 405 W Forest
Beavers, E. S., fruit tree agentt, boards Pittsburg House.
Beprup, William A., works Granby Smelter, residence 1023 N Broadway.
BECKER & COLVIN, house painters, 120 W. Fourth
Becker, Frank N., painter, residence 204 N Walnut
Beecher, Floyd, coalminer, residence 119 N Georgia
Beels, John, laborer, boards Eagle House.
Belford, J. B., painter, residence 308 S Elm.
BELKNAP BRO’S, dealers in notions, 320 S. Broadway
Belknap, James M., merchant, residence 1109 S Broadway.
Belknap, Levi, merchant, residence 115 W Washington
Bell, John R., stenographer, residence 108 N Olive
Bell, Miss Mabel, teacher of music, husband W. N. Bell.
Bell, William N., with W. W. Bell & Bro's, residence 403 N Walnut
BELL, W. W., (W. W. Bell & Bro's Painters, Decorators and Dealers in Wall Paper) 116 E Fourth residence 111 N Locust
Bennett, Al, carpenter, residence 307 W Third
Bennett, Byron D., Manager Carey-Lombard Lumber Co, residence 801 S Locust.
Bennett, Caleb N., coal miner, home 312 W Sixth
Bennett, Nathan, works sewer, residence 312 N Sixth
Bennett, Josiah, proprietor meat market, residence 724 N Broadway.
Berger, Rudy, clerk L. D. Jornigan's hardware house, residence 605 S Elm
Berry, James S., carpenter and builder, residence 102 W Tenth
Berry, William L., coal miner, residence 411 N Walnut
Besee, Fred W., clerks Golden Eagle, residence 301 N Warren
Besse, Alexander, labore, residence 402 N Olive
Bevins, E., works stone quarry, residence 110 N Warren
Bishop, Mrs. S. H., residence 108 S Walnut
Biltz, Arthur, works Granby Smelter, boards Opera House Parlors.
Bitner, J. Lemon, teamster, residence 201 W Forest
Black, Harry W., clerks Kansas and Texas store, residence 105 5 Pine
Black, William M., residence 107 W Euclid
Blacklock, Kit, coal miner, residence 1012 5 Broadway.
Blackman, Frank, carpenter and builder, residence 212 N Olive
Blackman, Louis, works John C. Merrill's tin shop, residence 207 5 Walnut
Blanchot, August, works Granby Smelter, residence 408 N Olive.
Block, J. C., clothier, boards Hotel Cissna.
Blurton, Bryant, livery, feed and sale stable, residence 203 S Locust
BOAS, M. L., Physician and Surgeon, office 1011/2 S. Broadway, or Kettler & Phillips' drug store, residence 201 N Locust
Boaz, Henry C., works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's smelters, residence 207 N Michigan
Boaz, Oliver T., President Gas Light and Coke Co., office at works, 305 S Locust, residence 607 N Locust
Boaz, Robert A., works W. and J. Lanyon's smelter, boards 103 5 Elm
Bogar, Thomas P., principal First ward public school, residence 310 E Tenth
Bonnell, Miss Maude, compositor Daily Smelter office, residence 602 N Pine
Booker, William E., Real Estate and Loan Broker, office room 3 Opera House, boards Hotel Cissna.
Boone, Frank, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 203 5 Joplin
Booth, William H., carpenter and builder, residence 408 W Forest
Bost, James A., stone mason, residence 103 W First
BOSTON SHOE AND CLOTHING HOUSE, B. Jacobus Proprietor, 116 S. Broadway
Botefuhr, Frank S., book-keeper Van Winkle & Grover's lumber yard, residence 314 E John
Boudinot, Oliver O., sewing machine agent, residence 302 N Pine
Bouditt, Spence, carpenter, residence 505 N Woodland
Bourg, Joseph, coal miner, residence 612 N Pine
Bowles, Lewis C., manager Beardsley's clothing store, residence 207 W Ninth
Bowman, C. W., works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, 404 S Elm
Bowman, H. S. furniture dealer, boards Globe restaurant.
Bowman, John D., carpenter and builder, boards 103 5 Elm
Bowman, Thomas A., clerks Golden Eagle clothing store, boards Hotel Cissna.
Boyer, E. A., secretary and treasurer Edwards-Coon Manufacturing Co., boards Hotel Cissna.
Boyer, Gideon L., shoemaker, residence 404 N. Locust
Boylan, James, coal miner, boards 211 N. Locust
Bradfield, David W., carpenter and builder, residence 301 E Cherry
Bradford, H., laborer, boards Pittsburg House.
Bradley, Frank, stone-mason, residence 109 N Elm
Bradley, Harry, coal miner, home 203 E Ninth
Bradley, John, brick manufacturer, boards Central House.
Bradley, Mrs. Mary, (widow) laundress, residence 203 E Ninth
Bradley, N. B., coal miner, residence 122 E. Clark
Bradshaw, Daniel H., section hand, residence 104 N Olive
Bradshaw, J. E., traveling salesman, boards Central House.
Brass, John, brick mason, boards Pacific House.
Braun, Lewis, cigar maker, boards Central House.
Braznell, Edward, Proprietor Star Grocery and Bakery, 205 5 Broadway, residence 204 W Forest
Brewer, J. W., (Brown & Brewer Grocerymen,) residence 205 N Pine
Breeden, Mrs. D., (widow J.) residence 201 S Joplin
Bridewell, Albert, engineer Frisco Railway, boards Hotel Cissna.
Bridewell, James H., stone mason, boards Pacific House.
Britt, James W., carpenter, residence 210 N Walnut
Brodersen, Jacob, works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's smelter, residence 806 S Elm
Brown, A., (Brown & Brewer, Grocerymen,) residence 203 N Pine
Brown, Asburry, brick mason, residence 110 E John.
Brown, David A., teamster, residence 1011 N Fourth
Brown, Mrs. Della, (widow) residence 406 W Forest
Brown, Fred H., clothing clerk, boards Hotel Cissna.
Brown, George L., coal operator, residence 110 E John
Brown, James S., plasterer, residence 405 N Woodland
BROWN & BREWER, (A. Brown, J. W. Brewer) Grocery men, 104 S Broadway
Brown, Thomas L., teamster, residence 121 N John
Brown, William H., teamster, residence 409 N Elm
Bromme, Henry, coalminer, residence 403 S Walnut
Bruce, J. A., laborer, boards Pittsburg House.
Buchanan, James C., editor and proprietor Kansan, residence 1103 N Elm
Buddenbaum, C., Pittsburg Coal Co., boards Pittsburg House.
Bumcrots, Frank T., gunsmith, v 107 N Fourth
BUNCH, W. H. & Co., druggists, 206 S Broadway
Bunn, A. C., civil engineer, residence 108 S Pine
BURCHFIELD, W. A., Dealer in Pianos and Organs, Sells for cash or easy payments, 211 S Broadway, boards Hotel Cissna
Burdett, Martin, carpenter and builder, residence 305 W Forest
Burghart, Robert, works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's smelter, boards 201 S Joplin
Burmson, Thomas H., janitor opera house, residence 218 W Forest
Burk, Ed, proprietor Pittsburg Steam Laundry, boards Hotel Cissna.
Burns, Amos, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 807 S Joplin
Burns, Henry, laborer, residence 317 N Sixth
Burns, Mrs. Mary, (widow of L.) residence 301 S Walnut
Burns, Thomas, machinist, boards 320 E John
Burton, Manus H., Manager Pittsburg Foundry Boiler and Machine Works,
residence 712 S Locust
Bush, Mrs. Eliza A., (widow of A.) residence 211 W Park
Bush, P. P., barber, boards Globe Restaurant
Butcher, J. L., painter, residence 401 N Woodland
Butcher, L. O., artist, residence 401 N Woodland
Butler, Lewis D., works on section Frisco Railway, residence 409 S Pine
Caffey, Thomas W., clerk Boston Shoe Store, residence 609 S Elm
Caldwell, A. A., blacksmith, boards Pittsburg House
Calean, Aaron A., city circulator Daily Headlight, residence 110 W Washington
Calvin, Frank, painter, boards Globe Restaurant
Calwes, John F., carpenter and contractor, residence 903 N Smelter
Campbell, H. W., Manager Pittsburg Grocery Co., boards Globe restaurant
Campbell, James W., shoemaker, residence 306 N Joplin
Canaday, Mrs. Vina, (widow) residence 324 W Fourth
Caorlem, August, works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's smelter, residence 401 S Elm
Capitan, William B., plasterer, residence 212 W Washington
Cares, Lambert, works smelter, residence 406 E Eighth
CAREY-LOMBARD LUMBER CO., B. O. Bennett Manager, office 220 S Locust
Carey, Robert, works Santa Fe coal mines, boards 103 S Elm
Carlson, Andy, works Pittsburg Tile Co., boards 101 S Locust
Carlton, James W., works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's, residence 419 S Elm
Carlton, Ples, coal miner, residence 306 N Woodland
CARLTON, ROBERT E., Assistant Cashier First National Bank, and Maxwell & Carlton Real Estate and Loan Brokers, office 113 S Broadway, residence 609 N. Locust
Carlton, Thomas, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 307 S Joplin
Carmony, Wilbur, carpenter and builder, residence 203 W Forest
Carney, George W., proprietor Central House, corner Fifth Street and Broadway.
Carpenter, Charles E., works Granby smelter, residence 301 N Michigan
Carpenter, David, teamster, residence 911 N Joplin
Carr, Charles S., works Robert Lanyon & Co's smelters, residence 308 W Kansas
Carr, Mary A., works Globe Restaurant.
Carr, Robert, coal miner, residence 210 N Woodland
Carr, Silas, drives transfer wagon, residence 211 S Locust
Carr & Swift, barbers, 111 N Broadway
Carson, Robert, carpenter and builder, boards Pacific House.
Carter, Mrs. Stella, dressmaker, boards Mrs. Jennings, 211 E. Third
Carter, Leonard L. (Coughenour & Carter, Barbers,) residence 1012 S Locust
Carter, Albert A., works brickyard, residence 405 E Ninth
Cartwright, William, agent, residence 311 N Elm
CASAD, ORLA S., Postmaster, Postoffice 123 S Broadway, residence 206 W Ninth
CENTRAL HOUSE, G. W. Carney proprietor, corner Fifth Street and Broadway
Chaevokey, Ferdinand, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, boards John Garret
Chambers, John T., stonemason, residence 103 W First
Chambers, Samuel E., coal hauler, residence 211 E. Washington
CHAMPION, JAMES H., Jeweler, corner Fourth Street and Broadway, Dry & Crowell's drug store, residence 311 N Joplin
Chaplin, A. L., residence 404 S Olive
Chapman, Leonard, farmer, residence 509 N Warren
Chapman, James L., clerks W. A. Chapman's grocery, home 211 N Joplin
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM A., Dealer in Choice Family Groceries, 211 N Joplin, residence same
CHEROKEE AND PITTSBURG COAL MINING CO., Operated by A. T. & S. F. Railway; W. B. Strong, president, E. Wilder, treasurer; W. W. Allen, manager, office in Opera building
CHESEBROUGH, SAMUEL, physician and surgeon, office Dry & Crowell's drug store, residence 405 W Fifth
Church, A. B., Proprietor Eagle House, 115 W Third
CissnaA, George W., Hotel Cissna, residence same
Cissna, Guy A., Day Clerk Hotel Cissna, home same
Cissna, Miss Fay, home Mrs. S. E. Cissna.
Cissna, Mrs. S. E., Proprietor Hotel Cissna, 202 S Broadway, corner Broadway and Third Street
City Carriage Works, 405 S Broadway
City Livery Stable, 108 E Eighth, E. E. Hillis proprietor
Clanton, Cornelius, proprietor feed mill, residence 304 N Locust
Clark, Mrs. Jennie, works Globe restaurant
Clark, John, coal miner shaft No. 20, residence 210 N Locust
Clark, George, laborer, boards Eagle House
Claiden, Alfred, contractor and builder, residence 108 W Adams
Cleffmarl, Fred W., laborer, residence 212 N Woodland
Cliggett, M., (Cliggett & Hench, Attorneys-at-Law) boards Globe restaurant.
CLIGGETT & HENCH, (Morris Cliggett, John M. Hench) Attorneys-at-Law, Office in Kansas and Texas building, corner Fourth Street and Broadway
Clough, Irwin, works coal strip, residence 411 E Tenth
Clough, James, works coal strip, residence 411 E Tenth
Coffelt, Thomas B., works Kreger's livery stable, residence 101 N Joplin
Cogswell, Thomas W., (Cogswell & Campbell, Attorneys-at-law) residence 701 S Locust
COGSWELL & CAMPBELL, (T. W. Cogswell, P. P. Campbell) Attorneys-at-law, office 111 1/2 S Broadway
Cohn, M. L., Mutual Life Insurance Co., and Real Estate Agent, office in Opera building, boards Hotel Stilwell
Colander, Bud, cigar maker, residence 218 W Forest
Cole, Samuel S., coal miner, residence 1007 N Fourth
Cole, Tobias, works on sewer, boards 405 W Forest
Coleman, James, works Van Winkle and Grover's plane mills, boards Globe Restaurant
Coleman, M. J., works coal mines boards 211 N Locust
Coles, Albert J., traveling salesman, residence 206 W Euclid
Colery, Kimble, tailor, E Third Street, boards Globe restaurant.
Colveyts, Gustave, works Granby smelter, boards Granby boarding house
Colwin, Frank, painter, boards 212 W Sixth
Compton, R. A., book agent, residence 214 E Clark
Corbus, J. G., boards Opera House Parlors.
Cornelius, Edwin S., works Van Winkle & Grover's plane mills, residence 309 N Fourth
Corsor, John, (Corsor & Hager) stone contractor, boards Eagle House.
Congdon John, (Congdon & Vogel, Real Estate and Insurance) residence 602 N Pine
CONGDEN & VOGEL, (John Congden, H. W. Vogel) Real Estate, Insurance and Collecting agency, office 104 1/2 N Broadway
Conley, John J., drayman, residence 316 E Seventh
Conley, O. M., agent Frisco Railway, residence 208 W Forest
Conn, Jack, real estate agent, boards Hotel Cissna.
Conner, John P., plasterer and stone mason, residence 108 E Adams
Conons, Peter D., works coal mine No. 20, residence 217 E Tenth
CONSOLIDATED LAND CO., A. E. Stilwell, President; A. L. Chaplin, treasurer; Frank Playter, and B. H. Wilson, managers, office in rear of Manufacturers' National bank
Conwell, Miss A. M., fashionable dressmaker, residence 703 N Locust
Conwell, William W., carpenter and builder, residence703 N Locust
Cooper, Harry, plumber, boards Hotel Cissna.
Cooper, J., telegraph operator, boards Pittsburg House
Cooper, James, coal miner shaft 20, residence 1002 S Elm
COOPER & MERRILL, (Harry Cooper, John C. Merrill) Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters, Sanitary Work, etc., 121 S Broadway
Coon, John B., (Edwards-Coon Manufacturing Co.) residence 210 E John
Cough, Joseph, works coal strip, residence 411 E Tenth
Coughenour, William, janitor, residence 212 W Ninth
Coughenour, Wayland D., barber, residence 403 W Euclid
COUGHENOUR & CARTER, Barbers and Hair Dressers, corner Fourth Street and Broadway
Coughenhour, Norman, (Coughenour & Holmes) residence 203 N Locust
COUGHENOUR & HOLMES, (Norman Coughenour, W. H. Holmes) Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, 110 W Fifth
Cox, Allen J., works Granby Smelter, residence 112 E Clark
Cox, Huston, (colored) porter Hotel Cissna, home same
COX, W. F., Justice of the Peace, office 1021/2 S Broadway, residence rear room same
Craig, Alonzo O, brick-mason, residence 401 N Walnut
CRAIG DRUG CO., (A. O. Craig), residence 508 N Woodland
Crawford, J. E., machinist with Van Winkle & Grover, boards Central House
CRAWFORD COUNTY REALTY CO., Moses Greenwood, Jr., president; B. H. Wilson, general manager; Frank Playter, secretary and treasurer, office corner Fourth Street and Broadway
Creilly, Peter, Agent for and Wholesale Dealer in Bottled and keg beer, wines and liquors, residence Minden, Mo
Crocker, Edward F., laborer, residence 203 S Joplin
Crocker, Leslie F., works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 203 S Joplin
Cronister, Mrs. Martha, (widow of C. Cronister) residence 204 E Tenth
Crooks, N. B., carpenter, boards 201 N Olive
Crosier, John G., teacher of vocal and instrumental music, residence 205 W. Third
Crosman, John, works smelter, residence 207 n Joplin
Crowell T. J., (Dry & Crowell, Druggists) residence 302 N Locust
Crumb, Daniel, works coal mines No. 20, residence 111 S Walnut
Cummins, Noble D., coal miner, residence 201 W Rose
Cummings, Mrs. P. A., residence 408 W Kansas
Cunningham, Miss Cora, teacher of vocal and instrumental music, home 102 S Locust
Cunningham, Miss May, saleslady Kansas and Texas Coal Co. store, home 102 S Locust.
Cunningham, Miss Meda, teacher public schools, home 102 S Locust
Cunningham, Mrs. P. T., (widow of W. T. Cunningham) residence 102 S Locust
Curby, Charles, plasterer, rooms corner Fourth and Locust
Curda, Conrad, works Granby smelter, residence 921 N Broadway
Curley, William, coal miner, residence 302 N Joplin
Curnon, Mrs. Elizabeth, residence 106 S Walnut
Curran, Mrs. Libbie A., (widow of Milton Curran) plain sewing, residence 307 E. Park
Curry, John, coal miner, residence 310 S Pine
Dale, Hiram N., coal miner, boards Girard House
Darby, Charles, carpenter and builder, residence 106 E Washington
Davis, Anthony, (colored) laborer residence 124 E Cherry
Davis, Charles, works Granby Smelter, residence 1003 N Broadway
Davis, Charles, boards Opera House Parlors
Davis, E. R., laborer, residence 406 N Olive
Davis, Frank, tailor, boards Pittsburg House
Davis, George W., works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 404 N Smelter
Davis, John O., laborer, residence 709 S Walnut
Davis, Milton, (Davis & McKim, Proprietors Pittsburg Roller Mills,) boards
NE corner Seventh and Locust
Davis, Thomas J., laborer, residence 304 N Olive
Davis, William H., bricklayer, residence 209 N Elm
DAVIS & McKIM, (Milton Davis, John R. McKim) Proprietors Pittsburg Roller Mills, corner E Fourth and Elm
Davidson, E. L., laborer, boards Pittsburg House
Davidson, Simon, butcher, residence 206 N Walnut
Davidson, William, shoemaker, boards Pittsburg House.
DAWSON. JOHN H., Assistant Postmaster, boards Hotel Cissna
Day, Jacob, works Granby smelter, residence 301 E Eleventh
Dean, James H., painter, residence 308 N Woodland
Deatrect, Martin, works Granby smelter, residence 610 E Seventh
Deetz, Fred, night watchman Granby smelter, residence 1011 N Fourth
Degolier, Alfred, laborer, boards Pittsburg House
DeJarnettee, Joseph P., dealer in hides, etc., residence 208 W Ninth
Delfosse, Joseph, works Robert Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 316 S Elm
DEMING INVESTMENT CO., (The) F. C. Werner, manager, office 102 1/2 S Broadway
DeNeidman, W. F., physician and surgeon, office Craig's drug store, residence 410 W Kansas
Dennehy, John, stone-mason, residence 308 E Ninth
Deponther, Mrs. Anna, (widow of Harry Deponther) washerwoman, residence 403 S Joplin
Deponther, Harry, works smelter, residence 403 S Joplin
Deponther, William, works smelter, home 403 S Joplin
Deponther, Toney, works smelter, home 403 S Joplin
Deulski, John, works.R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, boards John Gavert
Devore, Benjamin, works on sewer, boards 405 W Forest
DeWolf, Dr. F. L., veterinary surgeon, boards Globe restaurant
Dezela, Alexander, carpenter, residence 310 N Joplin
Dickey, W. J., laberor, residence W Forest
Dickinson, Clinton, barber, boards Eagle House
Diel, George J., boards 105 N Georgia
Dillon John, (Hull & Dillon, Proprietors Meat Market) residence 305 W Euclid
Diltz, Miss Daisy, teacher public schools, home 602 N Pine
Diltz, William, works Granby smelter, residence 311 S Joplin
Dobson, John H., drug clerk, residence 206 W Forest
Dodson, Harry, (colored) barber, residence 306 N Walnut
Donahey, C. H., telegraph operator Missouri Pacific, boards Pacific House
Donnelly, Miss Ida, book-keeper and collector Daily Smelter, home Thomas
Donnelly, Peter, residence 410 N Elm
Donnelly, Thomas L., cabinetmaker, residence E John
Doolittle, Forest, carriage trimmer, residence 207 E Jefferson
Dorris, John, works Granby smelter, residence 115 E John
Dorsey, John, coal miner, boards 211 N Locust
Doss, Louis, (colored) works Globe restaurant, residence 208 W Seventh
Doss, Tom, (colored) barber, residence 310 N Walnut
Doubleday, Floyd E., Manager Kansas and Texas Coal Co., office Kansas and Texas store, residence 1503 N Locust
Douglass, William, proprietor meat market at Minden, Mo., residence 912 S Locust
Downing, George H., carpenter and builder, residence 204 E Clark
DRY & CROWELL, (C. W. Dry, T. J. Crowell) Druggists, 101 N Broadway
Duff, Templeton H., carpenter, residence 110 W Forest
DUNCAN, ROBERT N., (R. N. Duncan & Son, Proprietors meat market) 203 S Broadway, residence 301 N Woodland
Duncan, Samuel B., teamster, residence106 W Jefferson
Duncan, William F., (R. N. Duncan & Son, Meat Market) residence 301 N Woodland
Duncan, William T., wks W. and J. Lanyon's smelters, residence 207 W Forest
Dunkerly, James, coal dealer, residence 707 S Locust
DYER & CARNEY, grocerymen, 123 N Broadway
Dyer, James H., grocery clerk, residence 310 E Eighth
Dyball, Thomas, works Granby smelter, residence 212 N Joplin
EAGLE HOUSE, A. B. Church, Proprietor, Rates, $1.00 per day 115 W Third
Eakin, Don, works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's smelter, boards 106 N Elm
Eakin, Earnest S., wks S. H. Lanyon & Bro's Smelter, boards 108 N Elm
Earl, Oscar, lab, residence 506 N Warren
EAST PITTSBURG LAND CO., Moses Greenwood, president; B. H. Wilson, vice-presibent and general manager; Alfred Carr, treasurer; Frank Playter, secretary; office 202 N Broadway
Eaton, William, carpenter, residence 412 S Pine
Eddy, C. J., (Bacon & Eddy) boards Hotel Cissna.
Edmondson, William N., carpenter, residence 408 S Pine
Edsell, Jacob, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 205 N Joplin
EDWARDS & COON MANUFACTURING CO, E. A. Boyer, sec'y, treas. and manager, office at works, foot of E Sixth Street
Edwards, Miss Annie, boards Miss May Robinson, 206 S Pine
Edwards, Mrs. Elizabeth (widow of James Edwards), residence 303 E Eleventh
Edwards, George E., Manager The Pittsburg Abstract Co., boards Hotel Stilwell
Edwards, George, coalminer, residence 907 S Broadway
Ellers, Mrs. Anna (widow), residence 503 N Woodland
Elliott, Thomas, news dealer, residence 710 S Locust
Elliott, Walter, liquor dealer, Minden, Mo., residence 701 N Elm
Ellis, Robert, section foreman Santa Fe Railway, residence 801 S. Joplin
Emerson, Robert, carpenter, residence 116 W Washington
Emery,Alfred, coke hauler, residence 211 E Washington
Endicott, Raymond W., farmer, residence 905 N Smelter
Endsley, William T., drives express wagon, residence 409 E Ninth
England, George W., farmer, residence 109 W Rose
Erord, Joseph, works R. Lanyon. & Co's smelter, residence 805 S. Joplin
Erway, Ezra, laborer, residence 112 S. Walnut
Esch, Joseph, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 307 S Elm
Esch, Max, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 307 S Elm
Esch, Peter, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, rresidence 301 5 Elm
Eshelman, Samuel, laborer, residence 213 W Forest
Estrop, William, carpenter, boards Pittsburg House.
Evans, Charles D., plasterer and contractor, residence 404 E Eighth
EYESTONE, DAVID, City Marshal, residence 301 N Pine
EUBANKS, E. T., Proprietor Lunch Counter, Tobacco, Cigars, Confection-ery, Ice Cream and Oysters in season, 119 N Broadway, residence same
Fainbain, Miss S., waitress, Pittsburg House
Farniman, Joseph, proprietor boarding house, 103 5 Elm
Feldman, Arnold, foreman R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, boards 201 S. Joplin
Feibig, John, works Granby smelter, residence 608 E Seventh
Feigle, Fred, works Granby smelter, residence 307 S Russell
Ferguson, Elmer B., carpenter and builder, residence 1003 N Fourth
Ferguson, Joshua, carpenter and builder, residence 402 N Elm
Ferguson, M. B., works S. H. Lanyon's smelter, residence 210 W Forest
Fields, Alexander, proprietor Park Place Hotel, 408 W Fourth
Fiero, Mrs. Ellen (widow of H. Fiero), residence 212 W Sixth
Files, Miss Beatrice, home Mrs. M. B. Files
Files, Mrs. Mary B., furnished rooms, residence 211 W. Sixth
Fish, George, works Granby smelter, residence 206 E Ninth
Fisher, John, works Granby smelter, residence 713 N Elm
Flag, Charley, laborer, residence 206 E Clark
Flag, William, laborer, residence 906 N Fourth
Flannigan, Mike, works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's smelter, residence 401 E Tenth
Flemmings, James, farmer, residence 502 N Elm
Flesher, H. S., laborer, residence 507 N Woodland
Fletcher, A. A., attorney-at-law, residence 104 N Elm
Fletcher, Mrs. A. E., residence 302 N Walnut
Fletcher, Charles A., carpenter and builder, residence 307 N Walnut
Fletcher, Robert, laborer, residence 206 W Seventh
Flournay, Samuel S., works section, residence 309 E. Park
Forbes, Frank E., shoemaker, residence 202 N Elm
Forbes, John, laborer, residence 508, N Warren
Ford, Richard Y., Real Estate and Loan office, room 2 Opera House, residence 409 W Kansas
Ford, William D., (Ford & Yarcho) Real Estate, residence 408 W Euclid
FORD & YARCHO, (W. D. Ford, W. H. Yarcho,) Real Estate, Loan and Insurance, office basement corner Fourth Street and Broadway
Foreman, John Q., carpenter, residence 408 N Walnut
Foust, Benjamin F., painter, residence 301 N Woodland
Foust, Cyrus J. painter, residence 406 N Woodland
Fowler, Daniel W., saddler, residence 609 S. Locust
Fox, George, coal miner, residence 207 5 Olive
Frakes Lyman, proprietor feed stable, residence 401 5 Joplin
Francis, Gideon R., stone mason, residence 105 W First
Frank, Jacob W.,.butcher, residence 612 W Seventh
Franklin, Joseph, engineer coal shaft, residence 304 S Locust
Frazier, Mrs. M. L. (widow of A. C. Frazier), dressmaker, residence 722 N Broadway
Freal, Daniel, coal miner, residence 1009 N Joplin
Freek, Miss May, teacher of music, home 602 N Pine
Freeman, Noah B., miller, residence 115 N Georgia
French, G. E., merchandise, residence 106 N Pine
French, John W., teamster, residence 402 E Tenth
Fretwell, George R., telegraph operator, Gulf depot, residence 111 N Elm
FRISCO RAILWAY, O. M. Conley, agent, depot 301 S Broadway
Fritzer, Joseph, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 611 E Sixth
Frow, Miss S., waitress, Pittsburg House
Fudge, John, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 911 S Elm
Funke, Fred, works Robert Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 211 E Ninth
Funkinburg, Powell, brick layer, residence 507 W Fifth
Fry, William H., carpenter and builder, residence 108 N Joplin
Gaines, Joseph, works Granby smelter, residence 1001 N Broadway
Gamber, Charles, blacksmith, residence 309 S Walnut
Gamble, L. Douglass, coal miner, residence 205 E Ninth
Ganung, Alexander T., carpenter, r 504 N Warren st.
Gardiner, George, carpenter and builder, residence 112 W Kansas
Garret, John, proprietor boarding house, corner First Street and Joplin
Garver, John, laborer, residence 201 S Olive
Gaylord, C. C., carpenter, residence 303 N Michigan
Georgia, A. J., real estate, residence 109 N Walnut
Georgia, Sylvester S., laborer, residence 103 S Walnut
Geminer, William, engineer R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 301 S Joplin
Gerrell, Ralph, clerk Bowman's furniture store, boards Globe Restaurant
Gibson, Henry, brakeman Santa Fe Railway, residence 508 S Locust
Gibson, James, laborer, residence 508 S Locust
Gibson, L. A., painter, boards Central House.
Gilbert, George W., (Williams, Gilbert & Williams, physicians and
surgeons,) residence 301 W Euclid
Gilbert, William, coal miner, residence 902 N Smelter
Gillen, Hugh, foreman W. C. Green Brick Co., boards Hotel Cissna
Gillen, James, carpenter and builder, residence 303 E Tenth
Gillilian, Elias C., carpenter and builder, residence 613 N Elm
Gilmore, William L., stonemason, residence 101 W First
GIRARD HOUSE, F. E. Smith, proprietor, 412 N Locust
Glass, Joseph D., civil engineer, residence 104 S Locust
GLOBE RESTAURANT, F. Hertzell, Proprietor, 115 E Fourth
Glommer, Charles, works brick yard, residence 106 N Warren.
Glietze, Charles, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 412 E Eighth
GOLDEN EAGLE CLOTHING STORE, Ben Maier, Proprietor, 104 N. Broadway
Goodwin, Benjamin F., blacksmith, residence 303 N Pine
Gordon, Mrs. C. W., saleslady Israel Bro's store, residence 312 S Pine
Gorman, Austin, carpenter and builder, residence 911 S Locust
Gorrell, Thomas S., residence 108 N Walnut
Gould Mrs. (widow), residence 218 W Forest
Gowdon, James, lather, boards Pittsburg House
Graham, George W., works stone quarry, residence 903 N Fourth
Graham, William R., auctioneer, residence 307 S Walnut
GRANBY BOARDING HOUSE, Mrs. Mary Morris, proprietress, 108 W Tenth
GRANBY MINING & SMELTING CO., H. G. Tessmer sup't, office at works

Gray, Charles, works Granby smelter, boards Granby Boarding House
Greegs, George, teamster, residence 314 E Seventh
Green, George W., laborer, residence 204 N Olive
Green, Francis, carpenter and builder, residence 108 W Jefferson
Green, John J., contractor and builder, bds Hotel Cissna.
Green, John W., lab, residence 407 N Warren
GREEN, WILLIAM C., BRICK CO. contractor and builder, boards Hotel Cissna
Greenstreet, Edward, works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's smelter, residence 109 N Joplin
Greenstreet, William R., teamster, residence 211 S Elm
Greenstreet, Millard, works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's smelter, residence 211 S Elm
Grelschel, Mrs. Clara, proprietress boarding house, 711 N Pine
Grier, James H., city circulator Daily Smelter, residence 309 W Forest
Grissom, George, coal miner, residence 111 N Georgia
Gross, Burns S., works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's smelter, residence 111 N Joplin
Gross, William B., teamster, residence 111 N Joplin
Grover, Mid. S., (VanWinkle & Grover, Proprietors Lumber Yard and Plane Mills,) boards Hotel Cissna
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