Directory Listings

Remember that 4th Street & Broadway was the main dividing point in the city in 1890, so 101 N. Broadway would actually be 401 N. Broadway today and 101 S. Broadway would be 317 S. Broadway. The system of numbering as we know it today was done about 1896 when the city changed some of the street names.

Hack, Andrew, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 405 N Fourth
Haden, Mrs. Nancy (widow of C. T. Haden), boarding house, 505 N Elm
HADICKE, AUGUST, Manufacturer of Fine Harness, Saddles, &c., 117 E Fourth residence 105 S Locust
Hager, John, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 208 N Pine
Haggard, Robert, huckster, residence 102 N Pine
Hail, John, works W. & J. Lanyon's smelter, residence 107 N Elm
Haiman, James, laborer, residence 216 W Forest
Haines, Oscar, planing mills, residence 512 E Ninth
Hale, Charles P., Cashier First National Bank, residence 207 N Pine
Hall, E. Lee, Jr., Secretary The Provident Loan and Trust Co., office, corner Fourth Street and Broadway, residence 109 W Washington
Hall, Herbert, works Granby smelter, residence 1125 N Broadway
Hall, J. M., carpenter and builder, residence 411 S Locust
Hall, P. Lee, real estate broker, residence 109 W Washington
Hamblin, Frank, brick mason, boards Pittsburg House
Hamblin, M., proprietor Pittsburg House, 204 N Locust
Hamilton, William, laborer, boards Hotel Cissna
Hammond, John O., works Smelter, residence 809 S Locust
Hanna, Mrs. Alberta, home Chas D. Evans
Harberd, P.M., teamster, residence 318 E Tenth
Harbort, Frank, works Granby smelter, v 1002 N Joplin
Hariman, Lewis C., blacksmith, residence 109 E John
Harman, Frank, engineer brick yard, residence 203 N Warren
Harper, William C., laborer, residence 107 E Washington
Harriman, E. A., first cook Hotel Cissna, home same
Harriman, J. D. C., clerk Beardsley's Clothing Store, boards Opera House Parlors
Harris, Aaron, teamster, residence 407 E Ninth
Harris, Abe, traveling salesman, residence 105 E Loveland
Harris, Charles P., carpenter and builder, residence 315 W Fifth
Harris, Morris, peddler, residence 101 W Forest
Harris, S. A., carriage maker, residence 114 W Forest
Harrison, Charles, works VanWinkle & Grover planing mills, residence 209 E Ninth
Harrison, John, drayman, residence 212 W Washington
Harrison, Sidney, drayman, residence 212 W Washington
Harrison, Virgil, laborer, residence 308 N Walnut
Hartshorn, Michael, coal miner, residence 904 N Smelter
Hastings, Charles A., carpenter and contractor, residence 301 W Kansas
Hautz, Peter, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 308 S Walnut
Haywood, Charles, Foreman Daily and Weekly Smelter, boards Central House
Heatwale, Joseph F., farmer, residence 410 N Fourth
Heilman, Abraham F., carpenter and builder, residence 806 S Locust
Helfield, Frank, boards 104 W Tenth
Hellems, C., laborer, residence 309 W Eleventh
Hench, J. M., Attorney-at-Law, office 101 1/2 S Broadway, residence 418 W Kansas
Henderson, Lige, (colored), second cook, Hotel Cissna, home same
Henderson, Nelson W., master mechanic Frontenac and Chicopee mines residence 416 W Forest
Henderlider, William P., driver Kansas and Texas delivery wagon residence 702 N Broadway
Hennesey, J., blacksmith, boards Pittsburg House
HENRY, F. W., Dealer in Furniture, stoves and Tinware, Queensware, Carpets & Wall Paper; Undertaking a Specialty; 113 N Broadway
Hentzen, Frank, plumber, boards Eagle House
Herriott, Allen, butcher, residence 110 N Pine
Herron, Jesse H., works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's smelter, residence 803 S Elm
Herron, John S., real estate agent, residence 105 E Washington
Hertzell, Fred, Proprietor Globe Restaurant 115 E Fourth, residence106 S Locust
Hiatt, Emmett, propriator billiard hall, residence 207 E Ninth
Hickman, L. J., retired druggist, residence 307 W Euclid
Higgs, Arthur W., coal miner, residence 101 N Georgia
Higgans, Patrick, coal miner, residence 410 E Eighth
Hill, Charles W., works Robert Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 306 W. Kansas
Hill, Monroe M., carpenter and builder, residence 408 N Elm
Hillis, Ade, real estate broker, office in Schoen building, home Mrs. Dr. Hillis
HILLIS, MRS. DR. E. A., Practicing Physician Sanitarium 611 N Locust, residence same
HILLIS, E. E., Physician and Surgeon office in Schoen building 106 1/2 N Broadway, residence 603 N Locust

Hinkle, Milton, coal miner, residence 603 N Elm
Hinkle, Sanford, coal miner, boards 603 N Elm
Hinman, Ed B., photographer, residence 204 S Walnut
Hobaugh, Charles, works coal mine No. 28, residence 120 E Cherry
Hobson, Charles W., laborer, residence 108 W Kansas
Hobson, George W., works W. & J. Lanyon's smelter, residence 207 W Rose
Hodge, William, works smelter, residence 307 W Kansas
Hodges, C. Walter, laborer, residence 811 S Locust st.
HODGES, JOHN N., Real Estate, Office Room 3 Opera building, boards Hotel Stilwell
Hodges, John S., works Granby smelter, residence 405 S Walnut
Hogan, James W., engineer, residence 408 N Pine
Holden, Clark S., works Robert Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 111 W Washington
Holden, George W., clerks Brown & Brewer's grocery, residence 508 E Ninth
Holden, James, E., coal hauler, residence 512 E Seventh
Holden, Samuel, clerk Kansas & Texas Coal Co's store, residence 104 N Walnut
Hollinger, Lewis L., groceryman, residence 407 N Woodland
Hollister, B. M., with W. A. Swan, real estate, boards Hotel Stilwell
Holmes, John W., coal miner, residence 205 N Warren
Holmes, William H., (Coughenour & Holmes Liverymen,) residence 206 N Pine
Holstine, Sanford S., laborer, residence 407 W Forest
Holt, Amos, teacher of vocal and instrumental music, residence 812 S Locust
Holtslander, Carlton H., feed and boarding stable, residence 206 W Tenth
Hooker, Mathew S., carpenter and builder, residence 204 W Kansas
Hooper, James E., works coal shaft No. 28, residence 316 E Tenth
Horan, Edward, works Robert Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 205 S Locust
Horner, W. J., bookkeeper, boards Opera House Parlors
Horr, Elisha, carpenter and builder, r 324 E Eleventh st.
Horton, James, carpenter, boards 105 N Joplin
Horton, James O., carpenter, residence 106 N Olive
HOTEL CISSNA, MRS. S. E. Cissna, Proprietress, Guy A. Cissna, clerk, office 202 S. Broadway
HOTEL STILWELL, 401 to 413 N Broadway, corner Seventh Street and Broadway

House, Lafayette, carpenter and contractor, residence 401 W Kansas
House, Philip, works Granby smelter, residence 206 N Michigan
Houston, Alexander, engineer, residence 408 N Fourth
Howard, C. H., merchant, boards Central House
Howard, George E., Manager Pittsburg Abstract Co., boards Hotel Stilwell
Howard, Fred, laborer, boards Pacific House
Howard, W. H., carpenter and builder, boards Pacific House
Howat, John, carpenter and builder, residence 207 S Walnut
Howland, George, (Hughes & Howland, real estate brokers,) residence 401 E Eighth
Howley, Mrs. Mary C. (widow of Geo. H. Howley), residence 307 N Elm
Hudson, Austin H., carpenter, residence 211 S Walnut
Huffman, Benjamin F., carpenter and builder, residence 304 W Kansas
Huffman, George A., brick mason, residence 412 E Ninth
Huffman, William, works Granby smelter, residence 1022 N Broadway
Huffmaster, William, works brick yard, residence 207 W Kansas
Hughes, Orville H., barber, residence 606 S Elm
HUGHES & HOWLAND, real estate and loan agents, office 102 1/2 S Broadway
Hull, Frank, works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's smelter, residence 407 S Elm
Hull, Mrs. H. E., residence 203 W Third
Hunt, Andrew, carpenter and builder, residence 607 S Locust
Huntsinger, Allen, stone mason, residence 116 E Clark
Hynds, Leonard S. teamster, residence 408 E Eighth
Inman, Eugene, coal miner, residence 105 W Adams
Innis, Curley F., painter, residence 911 N Joplin
Ireland, Peter, carpenter, residence 412 N Pine
Isnord, Joseph B., works Granby smelter, residence 1011 N Smelter
Israel, Eli, works Robert Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 812 S Locust
Israel, Emil J., (Israel Bro's, Proprietors New York Store,) boards Hotel Cissna
ISRAEL BROS., Proprietors New York Store, General Merchandise, 120 to 122 S Broadway
Jackson, Miss Jennie, compositor Daily Smelter, boards 111 S Pine
Jacobs, L., contractor and builder, boards Globe Restaurant.
JACOBUS, B., Dry Goods and Clothing Merchant, 116 S Broadway, residence 110 W Euclid
James, Mrs. Anna, (widow of H. James) residence 1006 N Fourth
James, Charles H., street commissioner, residence 311 S Elm
James, David S., bridge carpenter, residence 1006 N Fourth
James, Henry A., weigh boss Chicopee coal mines, residence 212 N Locust
James, Joseph J., engineer coal shaft No. 11, residence 211 N Michigan
James, William, coal miner, residence 104 E Park
Jamison, Jack, carpenter, boards Pittsburg House.
Japson, Henry, works Granby smelter, residence 501 E Ninth
Jennis, A. C., (Pierce & Jennis Druggists,) Physician and Surgeon, office drug store, residence 104 N Locust
Jennis, Rev. Chesley S., residence 101 N Walnut
Jennings, Mrs. C. A., residence 312 S Pine
Jennings, Mrs. Anna, dressmaker and boarding, residence 211 E Third
JENNINGS, JOHN W., Justice of the Peace and Pacific Express agent, 215 S Broadway, residence 209 N Locust
JERNIGAN & BEASLEY, (Captain L. D. Jernigan, John H. Beasley,) plumbers, gas and steam Fitters, 107 S Broadway

Jernigan, Captain L. O., Hardware Merchant, 107 S Broadway, residence 206 E John
Jernigan, W. B., tinner John C Merrill, residence 202 E Tenth
Johnson, George W., laborer, residence 502 N Warren
Jordan, George E:, carpenter and builder, residence 204 W Forest
Johnson, D. 0., (Johnson & Seeley, Architects,) residence 212 W Kansas
Johnson, Henry, works Frontenac coal shaft, boards F. M.Thomas
Johnson, M. E., residence 405 N Elm
Johnson, Richard, works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's smelter, residence 502 E Ninth
Johnson, M. E., physician and surgeon, office Dry & Crowell's drug store, residence 405 N Elm
JOHNSON & SEELEY, (D. O. Johnson, J. H. Seeley,) Architects and Superintendents, office 121 1/2 S Broadway
Johnson, Webb O., clerk, J. C. Merrill's hardware house, residence 201 W Third
Jones, Albert, laborer, residence 415 W Forest
Jones, D. Clinton, telegraph operator, Frisco depot, residence 303 W Rose
Jones, George W., teamster, residence 304 N Elm
Jones, Henry, foreman Kansan office, boards Central House
Jones, Henry, coal miner, residence 102 E Park
Jones, John M., carpenter and builder, residence 110 E Washington
Jones, John, laborer, boards 201 N Olive
Jones, Lyman, laborer, residence 501 S Locust
Jones, R. F., engineer Pittsburg Roller Mills, residence 603 S Locust
Jones, Samuel, works stone quarry, boards Eagle House
Jones, William R., carpenter and builder, residence 110 N Fourth
Justus, A. H., engineer Santa Fe, residence 108 W Washington
Justus, Alfred, works coal shaft No. 20, residence 606 E Seventh
Kaemmerling, William, beer dealer, Minden, Mo., residence 209 S Elm
KANSAN, (The Pittsburg) issued every Wednesday, J. C. Buchanan, editor & proprietor, office 114 E Third
KANSAS CITY, FORT SCOTT & MEMPHIS RAILROAD, John Lanning, ticket agent, depot 219 E Fourth
KANSAS & TEXAS COAL CO., B. F. Hobart, President; E. B. Loveland, Vice President; W. P. Heath, Secretary, office 101 1/2 S Broadway
Karney, William, engineer Frisco Railway, residence 306 S Locust
Kaylor, Frank, carpenter and contractor, residence 110 N Locust
Kearby, Giles H., foreman Gulf Railway section gang, residence 406 S Elm
Keffer, Oscar, laborer, residence 207 N Elm
Keim, Nathan J., teamster, residence 314 E Eighth
KELLER, Mrs. A. L., millinery, 116 N Broadway, residence corner Russell Avenue and Locust Street
Kennedy, Michael L., tinsmith, residence 901 N Smelter
Kennedy, Patrick, teamster, residence 103 N Joplin
Kennett, Walter A., painter, residence 404 N Woodland
Kent, Nevada A., works Granby Smelter, residence 109 E Loveland
Kent, M. R., driver Adams and Wells, Fargo & Co's Express, boards Globe Restaurant
Kessell, Millard, works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's smelter, residence 513 E Seventh
Kessler, Howard, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 405 N Locust
Ketlerman, John, carpenter and builder, residence 501 N Woodland
Kettler, Henry, (Kettler & Phillips, druggists,) boards 101 S Locust
Kettler, William, works Bowman furniture store, residence 101 S Locust
KETTLER & PHILLIPS, (Henry Kettler, Gus A. Phillips,) druggists, 124 S Broadway
KILLAM, GEORGE W., Jeweller, at Pierce & Jennis drug store, corner Fourth Street and Broadway, residence 312 N Locust

Killholland, Don, coal miner, boards 211 N Locust
Kimber, Miss Helen, teacher public schools, boards Opera House Parlors
King, John B., works sewer, residence 609 N Ford
King, J. M., laborer, residence 312 S Elm
King, J. Moses, laborer, residence 409 N Warren
Kinney, George, contractor and builder, boards Globe Restaurant
Kitchen, Ellis, plasterer, residence 306 W Forest
Klausing, Henry, clerk Kansas and Texas store, boards Central House
Kledehn, Christopher, drayman, residence 109 S Walnut
Klemak, John, works Granby smelter, residence 212 E Clark
Klimer, Stephen, works Granby smelter, residence 213 E Ninth
Klock, E. H., (Klock & Roderick, Grocerymen,) residence 712 Locust
KLOCK, & RODERICK, (E. H. Klock, C. F. Roderick,) grocerymen 114 N Broadway
Klockner, Rev. Otto, pastor German Lutheran church, residence 305 N Joplin
Koepkee, Henry, tailor, boards Globe Restaurant
Kohen, Charles G., works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's smelter, residence 1107 N Smelter
Korner, Henry, laborer, residence 610 S Joplin
Kratzer, Alois, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 102 N Joplin
KREGER, J. P., Proprietor Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, 210 E Fourth
Kross, Charles, laborer, residence 208 S Walnut
Kubler, Jacob, coal miner, boards 711 N Pine
Kuivil, Mat, works Granby smelter, residence 123 E John
Kumm, Lewis, jeweller, residence 208 E Ninth
Kurtz, John, coal miner, residence 402 S Walnut
LAFARY, J. S., dentist, Opera Building, boards Opera House Parlors
Lake, John, plasterer, residence 108 E Jefferson
LAMBERT, JAMES M., Real Estate and Loan Broker, Office 111 1/2 S Broadway, residence 107 W Washington
Lance, Joseph F., Plasterer, Contractor and Builder, residence 111 E Washington
Lance, Thomas J., plasterer and builder, residence 411 W Forest
Landreth, George W., notions, residence 111 E Jefferson
LANEY & SCHNACKENBERG, (Wm. Laney, Henry Schnackenberg), proprietors Opera House Hotel 106 1/2 N Broadway
Laney, William, (Laney & Schnackenberg Proprietors Opera House Hotel) 106 1/2 N Broadway.
Lanning, John, ticket agent Gulf Railway, residence 403 N Locust
Lantkowsky, Joseph, proprietor bottling works, residence 208 N Elm
Lanyon, A. H., works S. H, Lanyon & Bro's smelter residence 210 N Pine
Lanyon, D., employee W. & J. Lanyon smelters, residence 512 S Locust
Lanyon, Frank W., Cashier The National Bank of Pittsburg, residence 405 N Olive
Lanyon, Colonel, jeweller, boards Geo. W. Killam
Lanyon, John, merchant, residence 306 N Elm
Lanyon, Joshua, W. & J. Lanyon's zinc smelting works, residence 512 S Locust
LANYON MORTGAGE CO., H. C. Willard President, S. H. Lanyon, vice-president; Frank W. Lanyon, treasurer; W. D. Ford, secretary; Frank Playter, manager, office The National Bank of Pittsburg
Lanyon, Ned V., foreman W. & J. Lanyon smelters, residence 405 N Walnut
LANYON, ROBERT, (R. Lanyon & Co's Zinc Smelting Works,) residence 303 N Locust
LANYON, S. H., (S. H. Lanyon & Bro's Smelters,) President The National Bank of Pittsburg, residence 111 N Pine

Lanyon, William, Jr., residence 111 W Euclid
Lanyon, William, (W. & J. Lanyon zinc smelters,) boards Hotel Cissna
Lanyon, William T., employee W. & J. Lanyon zinc smelter, residence 512 S Locust
Lanyon, William, of R. Lanyon & Co's zinc smelting works, residence 207 N. Locust
Large, Thomas, coal miner, residence 305 N Woodland
Larsson, Perry, works coal mine boards 711 N Pine
Latimer, James S., telegraph operator Frisco Railway, boards F. M. Thomas
Latimer, Martin G., boards F. M. Thomas
Laroy, Leonard E., carpenter, residence 212 N Walnut
LaRue, Allison, teamster, residence 126 E Clark.
Laughlin, Frank, City Editor Daily Headlight, boards Globe Restaurant
Lawhead, J., carpenter and builder, residence 219 E Tenth
Lay, Frank, works coal shaft No. 20, residence 611 N Elm
Ledbetter, Albert, coal miner, residence 1006 S Broadway
Ledbetter, Lillie, waitress Hotel Cissna, home same
Ledbetter, Thomas W., blacksmith, residence 310 N Olive
Lehr, William, works Robert Lanyon & Co's smelter, boards 212 N Locust
Lee, John, coal miner, r residence 509 S Locust
Lee, John R., coal miner, residence 211 N Warren
Leech, William P., clerk Lee VanWinkle lumberyard, boards, Hotel Cissna
Lemley, M. M., coal miner, residence 501 N Warren
Lenskee, Frank, works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's smelter, residence 106 N Joplin
Levan, C. C., real estate broker, boards Pacific House
Levan, Mrs. C. C., teacher of vocal and instrumental music, boards Pacific House
Levy, Ben, clothier, boards Hotel Cissna
Light, George, carpenter, boards Eagle House
Lindburg, John R., President First National Bank, residence 107 N Locust
LINDLEY, J. D. & SON, architects and superintendents, office 223 N Broadway
Linthecom, Jacob, mover of houses, residence 401 W Forest
Livingston, Elwood P., carpenter, residence 312 S Walnut
LONG-BELL LUMBER CO., S. W. Baxter & Bro. Managers, office 124 NBroadway
Long, Daniel J., works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 111 S Joplin
Long, Mrs. Elizabeth, (widow of A. Long) plain sewing, residence 308 N Joplin
Love, Henry, drayman, residence 306 E Eighth
Lovell, Robert M., druggist, residence 110 N Pine
Loverigo, A. C., proprietor restaurant, residence 109 N Elm
Lovesle, George, stonemason, residence 315 S Joplin
Low, Miss, typewriter, Frank Playter's office, boards Opera House Parlors
Lowe, William L., works Granby smelter, residence 704 S Locust
Lowery, J. H., carpenter, rooms corner Fourth and Locust
Luse, George E., stonemason, residence 311 E Russell
Luse, Leonard T., stonemason, residence 201 N Olive
Luther, Frederick, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 408 N Smelter
Lynch, Thomas C., carpenter and builder, boards 104 N Elm
Lysinger, Andrew, coal miner, residence 304 S Walnut
Maier, Ben, proprietor Golden Eagle Clothing Store, boards Hotel Cissna
Maloney, Stephen, carpenter, residence 112 N Warren
Mankovitz, Samuel, dealer in scrap iron, residence N Elm
Marsh, Fred, laborer, residence 216 W Forest
Martin, Fred W., clerk Pierce & Jennis' drug store, boards Hotel Cissna
Martin, James S., works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 304 N Joplin
MARTIN & RAMSEY, Dry Goods and Notions, 106 S Broadway
Martin, Simeon E., coal miner, residence 303 E Eighth
Martin, Silas, machinist, residence 112 N Olive
Mason, A. M., pianos & organs, 108 E Fourth residence same
Massman, Fred, contractor and builder, residence 310 E Ninth
Matteson, A. L., carpenter and builder, residence 211 W Ninth
Mawson, Thomas, proprietor meat market, residence 211 N Elm
MAXWELLL & CARLTON, (E. L. Maxwell, R. E. Carlton,) real estate, loan and investment brokers, office 113 S Broadway, in First National Bank
May, Allen, carpenter and builder, residence 203 W Kansas
May, Charles, butcher, boards Eagle House.
May, Mrs. Elizabeth (widow of Charles May), residence 303 S Walnut
May, Simpson, stone mason, residence 201 W Kansas
McBride, Martin, laborer, residence 105 W First
McCabe, Patrick, shoemaker, residence 301 S Joplin
McCloskey, William, laborer, residence 114 E Clark
McClurkin, S., farmer, residence 208 E Tenth
McCormack, Mrs. May, chambermaid Hotel Cissna, home same
McCoppery, Hugh, railroad employee, boards Pittsburg House
McCoy, Dr. E., dentist, corner Fourth and Broadway, boardds Globe Restaurant
McCoy, Robert B., works Santa Fe coalmines, residence 311 N Elm
McCoy, S. A., mine engineer Santa Fe Coal Co., boards Hotel Cissna
McCracken, L. F., carpenter and builder, residence 206 E Tenth
McCune, J. Frank, carpenter and builder, residence 406 N Elm
Mcdonald, William, works stone quarry, residence 905 N Fourth
McDowell, George W., (colored) laborer, residence 316 W Fourth
McGeorge, James, coal miner, residence 415 W Forest
McKay, James, works S. H. Lanyon & Bro's smelter, boards 211 N Locust
McKim, James, works Davis & McKim (Pittsburg Roller Mills,) residence 402 N Locust
McKim, John R., (Davis & McKim,) Pittsburg Roller Mills, 406 W Kansas
McLean, William, carpenter, boards Pittsburg House
McMahon, Mrs. Ella, laundress, residence 609 N Elm
McMillin, Agnes saleslady, home 410 N Elm
McMillen, William, broom manufacturer, residence 1011 N Fourth
McNally, Frank, coal miner shaft 20, residence 111 S Walnut
McNally, John, coal dealer, residence 206 S Walnut
McNALLY, THOMAS, Proprietor Kansas Boiler Works, S Olive residence 208 N Woodland
McWhirt, Horace L., dentist, office corner Fourth and Broadway, boards Hotel Cissna
Medaris, Adalphus, grocery clerk, residence 1005 N Fourth
Medel, Frank, works Granby smelter, residence 305 S Walnut
Medhurst, William, laborer, residence 1003 N Joplin
Meeks, Edward, proprietor billiard hall, 112 N Locust
Meeks & Fletcher, proprietors billiard hall, 112 E Third
Meekam, William B., plumber at Hotel Stilwell, boards 211 N Locust
MERRILL, JOHN C., Dealer in Hardware, Plumbing, gas and steam fitting, 121 S Broadway, residence 205 N Locust
Merry, H. B., teamster, residence 106 E Park
Meshedy, Fritz, works Granby smelter, boards Granby Boarding House
Metzer, A. T., Police Judge, office in City Building, residence 203 N Broadway.
Metzner, Louis, coal miner, residence 305 S Pine
MICHIE, ALBERT E., Agent Adams and Wells, Fargo & Co. Express, office 108 E Third boards Central House
Mie, William H., carpenter and builder, residence 1004 N Fourth
Miller, Albert, brick maker, residence 301 N Smelter
Miller, Can, (H. C. Willard Mercantile Co.) residence 511 N Locust
Miller, M., furniture dealer, residence 507 N Locust
Miller, Miss Minnie, boards Miss May Robinson 206 S Pine
MILLER, N. L., City Clerk and Dealer in Real Estate and coal lands, office 118 E Fourth residence over same
Miller, William W., carpenter and builder, boards 406 N Elm
Miner, A. Malon, coal miner, residence 110 N Olive
Minerd, John S. W., coal miner, residence 108 N Warren
Minerd, Samuel D., coal miner, residence 108 N Warren
Mitchell, Charles, works Clanton's Feed Mill, boards 304 N Locust street
Mitchell, William A., night watchman R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, residence 1009 N Fourth
Mizee, Frank, foreman gas works, residence 207 S Joplin
Mizee, Louis, carpenter and builder, residence 408 S Locust
Mizee, Lewis, works gas works, residence 207 S Joplin
Mizener, Calvin, works coal mines, residence 410 N Fourth
Moansy, Herbert, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, boards John Garert
Moansy, Joseph, works R. Lanyon & Co's smelter, boards John Garert
Monroe, Mrs. J., cook, Pittsburg House
Montanga, Thomas C., blacksmith, residence 316 E Joplin
MOORE, CHARLES W., Editor Daily and Weekly Headlight, home William Moore
Moore, Edward, painter, residence 407 N Elm
Moore, F. M., laborer, residence 209 N Warren
Moore, George A., Daily Headlight, home William Moore
Moore, Jacob, laborer, residence 219 E Tenth
Moore, Mrs. Rosa, chambermaid Hotel Cissna, home same
MOORE & SONS, Editors and Proprietors Daily and Weekly Headlight, office 111 1/2 S Broadway
Moore, Tenbroock J., Daily Headlight, home William Moore
MOORE, WILLIAM, (Moore & Sons Editors and Proprietors Daily and Weekly Headlight,) residence 309 W Rose
Morain, Henry, farmer, residence 403 N Fourth
MORGAN & WOOD, proprietors Pacific House, 207 E Eleventh
Morgan, Thomas, works on sewer, boards 405 W Forest
Morning, J., laborer, boards Pittsburg House
Morning, J. William, carpenter, residence 412 W Fourth
Morris, Charles, Telegraphic Editor Daily Smelter, home Captain W. H. Morris
Morris, George W., electric engineer, residence 110 S Pine
Morris, John, laborer, residence 112 N Elm.
Morris, John P., Editor Daily Smelter, residence 402 W Euclid
MORRIS, JOHN P. & CO., Editors and Proprietors Daily and Weekly Smelter, office 124 1/2 S Broadway
Morris, Mrs. Mary, proprietor Granby Boarding House, 108 W Tenth
Morris, Mrs. (widow) boarding house, residence 111 S Elm
MORRIS, CAPTAIN W. H., Real Estate Broker, Office 106 1/2 S Broadway, residence 208 W Kansas
Morrahill, Mrs. (widow) residence 210 S Walnut
Morrison, Q. T., rooms F. W. Henry 109 N Locust
Morrow, James, Prescription Clerk Kettler & Phillips' drug store, boards 101 S Locust
Mosteller, Louis N., (Mosteller & Staley, Hardware,) residence 110 N Walnut
MOSTELLER & STALEY, (L. N. Mosteller, L. T. Staley,) dealers in Hardware, stoves, tinware and agricultural implements, 110 N Broadway
Motley, William J., carpenter, residence 202 N Michigan
Mould, Johnson, engineer Rodgers Coal Co., residence 410 N Locust
Murray, Mrs. Hannah (widow), residence 107 E Loveland
Murray, Lottie (colored) (widow), washerwoman residence 107 S Olive
Myers, Joseph, plasterer, residence 607 N Elm
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