Miscellaneous Directory Information

This section contains a complete listing of the various civic organizations, churches, national, state, county & city government, schools, societies & associations, banking interests, corporations & institutions that were operating in Pittsburg in 1890.

Office--123 S. Broadway Street., corner. Broadway and Third streets.
Postmaster: Orla S. Casad
Asst. Postmaster: John H. Dawson
General Delivery Clerk: A. H. Justice
Office Hours--General delivery, 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Stamp Department, 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Register Department, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Money order department, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sundays excepted. Sunday Hours--11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and 4:15 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Rates of Postage:
First Class – Letters and all other written matter, whether sealed or unsealed, and all other matter sealed, nailed, sewed, tied or fastened in any manner, so that it cannot be easily examined, two cents per ounce or fraction thereof, including delivery at letter carrier offices. Postal cards one cent each. Postal cards are unmailable with any writing or printing on the address side, except the direction, or with anything pasted upon or attached to them.
Second Class – Only for publishers and news agents; publications of the second class when sent by the publishers thereof and news agents, are subject to postage at the rate of one cent a pound or fraction thereof. The rate of postage on newspapers and periodical publications of the second class, when sent by others than the publisher or newsagent, is one cent for each four ounces or fraction thereof, and must be fully prepaid.
Third Class – Printed matter in unsealed wrappers, only (all matter enclosed in sealed envelopes notched on the sides or corners must pay letter rates) one cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof, which must be fully prepaid. This includes books, circulars, chromos, hand bills, engravings, lithographs, magazines, music, newspapers, pamphlets, photographs, proof-sheets and manuscript accompanying the same, reproduction by the electric pen, hectograph, metallograph, papyrograph, and, in short, any copying press not in the nature of personal correspondence.
National Government
President: Benjamin Harrison
Vice-President: Levi P. Morton
Chief Justice: Melville W. Fuller
Secretary of State: James G. Blaine
Secretary of Treasury: William Windom
Secretary of War: Redfield Proctor
Secretary of Navy: Benjamin F. Tracy
Postmaster General: John Wanamaker
Secretary of Interior: John W. Noble
Attorney General: William H. Miller
Secretary of Agriculture: Jeremiah Rusk
State Government
Governor: L. U. Humphrey
Lieutenant Governor: A. J. Felt
Secretary of State: William Higgins
State Treasurer: William Simms
Attorney General: L. B. Kellogg
State Auditor: Timothy McCarthy
Superintendent Public Construction: George W. Winans
County Government
Probate Judge: James A. Smith
County Attorney: B. S. Gaitskill
Superintendent Public Construction: J. D. Patterson
County Treasurer: S. R. Tuttle
Register of Deeds: John W. Magie
Sheriff: L. D. Herlocker
Clerk of District Court: J. R. Carpenter
County Clerk: J. C. Gove
County Surveyor: M. N. Randall
Coroners: Drs. C. A. Fisher & Chase G. Ledlie
Commissioners: Jos. Ennis & William Andrew
City Government
City Hall – North side W. Fourth Street between N. Pine street and Broadway. Election for city officers, 1st Tuesday in April of each year.
Municipal Officers -
Mayor: Sam Barratt City Clerk: N. L. Miller
City Clerk: N. L. Miller Treasurer: Frank W. Lanyon
Marshall: David Eyestone City Engineer: A. M. Bumm
Councilmen -
First Ward: Joseph Franklin & J. M. Hall
Second Ward: G. W. Williams & Louis Hull
Third Ward: S. H. Lanyon & D. J. Stower
Fourth Ward: E. H. Klock & Robert Ratliff
Police Judge: A. T. Metzer
District Court
The District Court for Crawford County convenes the first Tuesday in April, July and November, Hon. J. S. West, Judge of the Sixth Judicial District, presiding.
Fire Department
Pittsburg Fire Department – Organized 1884; membership, 57 Regulars, meetings second Wednesday in each month, in city hall.

Chief: John C. Merrill

Rescue Hose Co. No. 1 - W. H. Holmes, foreman
Assistant Chief: James Patmor Alert Hose Co. No. 2 - Lee Van Winkle, foreman
Secretary: H. S. Kessler Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1 - J. S. Rogers, foreman
Notaries Public
Beadle, C. S. 107 1/2 S. Broadway Lanyon, A. K. 108 S. Broadway
Carlton, R. E. in First National Bank Morris, W. H. 106 1/2 S. Broadway
Casad, O. S. (postmaster) 123 S. Broadway Rankin, J. T. 107 1/2 S. Broadway
Doubleday, F. E. 101 1/2 S. Broadway Richey, Geo H. 106 1/2 S. Broadway
Ford, William D. corner Fourth & Broadway Swan, W. A. 101 1/2 S. Broadway
Georgia, A. J. 121 1/2 S. Broadway Wood, N. E. 121 1/2 S. Broadway
Jennings, J. W. 215 S. Broadway Yarcho, William H. corner Fourth & Broadway
Justices of the Peace
Cox, W. F. office 102 1/2 S. Broadway Jennings, John W. office 215 S. Broadway
First Ward School – East side S. Locust Street. Between Hobart and Loveland avenues.
Third Ward School – West side N Broadway, between Seventh and Eighth Street
Fourth Ward School – In Kansas & Texas Coal Co’s second add, e side N. Locust Street.
The teachers for the session of 1890 are:
Superintendent: D. E. Pence 1st Grade: Miss Nettie Hammer, Miss Clara Kumm, Mrs. N. E. Painter,
Principal South Building: T. P. Bogar 2nd Grade: Miss Meda Cunningham, J. W. Keithley, Miss Bella Maxwell, Miss Lottie Wooley
Principal Grammer Department: Miss Lulu S. Symmes 3rd Grade: Miss Daisy Diltz, J. W. Keithley, Miss Bella Maxwell, Miss Lizzie C. Webb
Principal North Building: Willis Lawrence 4th Grade: Miss Hattie Dyer, J. E. Ford, Mrs. Helen Kimber, T. T. Trainer
  5th Grade: Mrs. Mary W. Barrow, Miss Kate A. Bonsall, J. E. Ford
  6th Grade: Frank A. Waters
Pittsburg College
Located in Sharp building 320 N. Broadway
President: Prof. W. J. Teall | Vice-President & Treasurer: Prof. D. H. Snoke | Secretary: G. C. Saunders
Professor of Book-Keeping, Commercial Law and Mathematics: W. J. Teall
Professor of Penmanship, Short Hand and English Subjects: G. C. Saunders
Professor of Vocal and Instrumental Music: J. G. Crosier
German Lutheran School
Located 206 N. Joplin Avenue, between Sixth and Seventh streets. Rev. Otto Kloeckner, teacher. Sessions, first four and one-half days of each week.
German Lutheran Church – N. Joplin avenue, between Sixth and Seventh streets. Rev. Otto Kloeckner, pastor. Services every Sunday morning at 10 o’clock, and evening at 7:00 o’clock except third Sunday of each month.
Christian Church – 202 N. Pine Street, northeast corner Pine and Sixth streets. Rev. M. G. Jenkins, pastor. Services: 11 am, 7:30 p.m. Sunday school 10 a.m.; James Adams, superintendent. Prayer meetings, Thursdays 7:30 p.m.
First M. E. Church – 201 N. Pine Street, northwest corner Pine and Sixth streets. Services every Sabbath at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Prayer meeting, Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. Sunday school 9:30 a.m.
Presbyterian – 501 N. Pine Street, corner Eighth and Pine streets. Rev. A. M. Mann, pastor. Services every Sabbath at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday school 9:30 a.m. Prayer meeting, Wednesday 7:30 p.m.
St. Mary’s Catholic Church – Northwest corner Ninth and Elm streets. Rev. Father Joseph Gaydousck, pastor. Early mass, 8 a.m. except 4th Sunday of each month. High mass, 10:15 a.m. Vespers, 7:30 p.m.
Corporations, Institutions, Etc.
Kansas and Texas Coal Co. – Capital stock, $2,000,000. (Fully paid up.) B. F. Hobart, president, St. Louis, MO.; E. B. Loveland, vice-president, St. Louis, MO.; W. P. Heath, secretary, St. Louis, MO.
Cherokee and Pittsburg Coal and Mining Co. – Capital stock, $500,000. (Operated by A. T. & S. F. R. R.) W. B. Strong, president, Boston, Mass.; E. Wilder, treasurer, Topeka, Kan.; W. W. Allen, Manager, Topeka, Kan.
Pittsburg Town Co. – Capital stock, $100,000. B. F. Hobart, president; E. B. Loveland, vice-president; W. P. Heath, Secretary.
The Pittsburg Gas Light and Coke Co., and Electric Light and Power Plant – Capital stock, $50,000. O. T. Boaz, President, Samuel Barrett, secretary and treasurer, Pittsburg Kan., James A. Bendure, lessee.
The Four Great Zinc Smelting Works – R. Lanyon & Co., W. J. Lanyon, S. H. Lanyon & Bro., Granby M. & S. Co., represent an aggregate investment in their plants alone of $1,000,000.
Edwards & Coons Manufacturing Co. – Capital stock $150,000. (Coon’s patent harrow and seeder combined) W. C. Edwards, president, Larned, Kas.; Hon. J. C. Strong, attorney, Larned, Kas,; J. B. Coon, vice-president, Pittsburg, Kan.; E. A. Boyer, secretary and treasurer, Larned, Kas.
Pittsburg Water and Irrigating Co. –Capital stock, $100,000. Frank Playter, president, Pittsburg, Kansas; C. M. Davidson, superintendent, Pittsburg, Kansas; George E. Howard, secretary; W. D. Ford and A. L. Chaplin, Frank Playter, C. M. Davidson, Geo. H. Howard, board of directors.
Western Coal and Mining Co. – Capital stock, $100,000 (Operated by Missouri Pacific Railroad.) Edwin Gould, president, New York City; D. S. H. Smith, treasurer, St. Louis, MO; R. M. McDowell, manager and vice-president, St. Louis, MO.
Pittsburg Wagon Manufacturing Co. – Capital stock, $100,000.
Pittsburg and Midway Coal Co. – Capital stock, $200,000. E. H. Brown, president, Girard, Kansas; John T. Morrison, secretary and treasurer, Pittsburg, Kansas
Pittsburg Electric Railway Co. – Capital stock, $50,000. B. F. Hobart, president, St. Louis, MO; Frank Playter, vice-president, Pittsburg, Kansas; F. E. Doubleday, secretary and treasurer; A. E. Stilwell, Kansas City; B. H. Wilson, Pittsburg, Kansas; B. F. Hobart, Frank Playter, F. E. Doubleday, board of directors.
Granby Mining and Smelting Co. – Capital stock, $2,000,000. H. J. P. Neville, president, St. Louis, MO; A. G. Trevor, secretary, St. Louis, MO; H. G. Tessmer, Superintendent, Pittsburg, Kansas.
Shepard Abstract Co. – Bonded for $5,000; incorporated 1889. Geo. V. Shepard, president; Henry V. Shepard, treasurer; Jas. JB. Daley, secretary.
East Pittsburg Land Co. – Capital stock, $100,000. Moses Greenwood, Jr., president, St. Louis, MO; B. H. Wilson, vice-president and general manager, Pittsburg, Kansas; Alfred Carr, treasurer, St. Louis, MO; Frank Playter, secretary, Pittsburg, Kansas. Moses Greenwood, B. H. Wilson, Alfred Carr, Frank Playter and B. F. Hobart, of St. Louis, board of directors.
Consolidated Land Co. – Capital stock, $1,000,000. A. E. Stilwell, president, Kansas City, MO; A. L. Chaplin, treasurer, Pittsburg, Kansas; Frank Playter and B. H. Wilson, managers of properties, Pittsburg, Kansas. W. S. Taylor, Philadelphia, Pa.; C. E. Granniss, New Haven, Conn.; David Ramsey, Pittsburg, Kansas; F. E. Doublday, Pittsburg, Kansas; J. Yale Fairman, New Haven, Conn.; A. E. Stilwell, A. L. Chaplin, Frank Playter, B. H. Wilson, board of directors.
Lanyon Mortgage Co. – Office in National Bank of Pittsburg, Capital stock, $50,000. H. C. Willard, president; S. H. Lanyon, vice-president; Frank W. Lanyon, treasurer; W. D. Ford, secretary; Frank Playter, manager. References – Hon. P. B. Plumb, U.S. senator, Kansas; Importers and Traders’ National Bank of N. Y.; First National Bank of Chicago, Ill.; Armour Brothers Banking Co., Kansas City, MO.
The Deming Investment Co. – (Home office, Oswego, Kansas.) Capital stock, $100,000 fully paid up. Branch offices, Erie and Fredonia, Kansas, and Walla Walla, Washington. Nelson Case, president; R. O. Deming, treasurer and manager. Nelson Case, Bayard T. Byrns, Robert O. Deming, J. B. Montgomery, Rev. John Elliott, F. W. Keller, W. F. Thorne, directors.
The Pittsburg Land Co. –Capital stock, $125,000. W. D. Ford; president; Henry L. Hill, vice-president; Sam Barratt, secretary; A. L. Chaplin, treasurer. W. D. Ford, Henry L. Hill, Sam Barratt, A. L. Chaplin, F. L. Trowbridge, directors.
The Pittsburg Zinc Mining Co. – Capital stock, $50,000. Louis F. Heublein, president; Frank Playter, vice-president; W. H. Yarcho, secretary; C. E. Grannis, treasurer. Louis F. Heublein, Frank Playter, W. H. Yarcho, C. E. Grannis, J. Yale Fairman, W. D. Ford, directors.
The Provident Loan and Trust Co. –Capital stock, $100,000. Frank Playter, president; J. Burr Rouse, vice-president and manager; E. Lee Hall, secretary; A. L. Chaplin, treasurer, Frank Playter, J. Burr Rouse, E. Lee Hall, A. L. Chaplin, W. D. Ford, John N. Hodges, board of directors.
Pittsburg Abstract Co. – Office corner Fourth Street and Broadway. Capital Stock $5,000. Frank Playter, president; W. D. Ford, vice-president; George E. Howard, secretary and treasurer, and general manager.
The Shepard & Chapman Mortgage Co. – Capital stock, $50,000. Henry V. Shepard, president; R. H. Chapman, secretary; General office Wichita, Kansas; branch office in opera house building, corner Fourth street and Broadway, Pittsburg; Geo. V. Shepard, manager.
Pittsburg and St. Louis Zinc and Land Co. – Capital stock, $100,000. Organized February 13, 1890. J. Yale Fairman, president, New Haven, Conn.; Frank Playter, vice-president, Pittsburg, Kansas; W. D. Ford, (Ford & Yarcho, real estate) secretary, A. L. Chaplin, treasurer. M. Greenwood, Jr., St. Louis; B. H. Wilson, W. D. Ford, Frank Playter, J. Yale Fairman, New Haven, Conn; Lewis Heublein, Hartford, Conn.; A. L. Chaplin, board of directors.
Crawford County Realty Co. –Capital stock, $50,000. Organized October 3d, 1889. Moses Greenwood, Jr., president, St. Louis, MO; B. H. Wilson, general manager, Pittsburg, Kansas; Frank Playter, secretary and treasurer.
The Pittsburg Daily Headlight – Published every evening except Sunday. The Pittsburg Weekly Headlight published every Thursday. Wm. Moore & Sons, editors and proprietors, Office, 111 1/2 S. Broadway
The Daily Smelter – Published every morning except Monday. The Pittsburg Smelter, (weekly) published every Saturday. Republican in politics. John P. Morris & Co., publishers. Office corner Third Street and Broadway.
The Pittsburg Kansan – By J. C. Buchanan, editor and proprietor; issued weekly; Democratic in politics. Office 116 E. Third Street.
The National Bank of Pittsburg – 108 S. Broadway. Organized 1881. Re-organized as the National Bank of Pittsburg, with a paid up capital of $50,000. Authorized capital, $200,000. Surplus, $15,000. S. H. Lanyon, president; James Patmor, vice-president; Frank W. Lanyon, cashier. S. H. Lanyon, James Patmor, Frank W. Lanyon, C. S. Jennings, A. H. Lanyon, H. C. Willard, L. G. Menderson, Cincinnati, Ohio, board of directors.
First National Bank – 111 S. Broadway. Incorporated March, 1864. Paid up capital, $50,000. Surplus and undivided profits, $25,000. John R. Lindburg, president; J. W. Brewer, vice-president. Charles P. Hale, cashier; R. E. Carlton, assistant cashier. Henry Schoen, A. E. Nau, W. C. Beck, C. G. Waite, T. Judson Hale, John R. Lindburg, J. W. Brewer, Charles P. Hale, R. E. Carlton, board of directors.
Manufactuerer’s National Bank – Corner Fourth Street and Broadway. Capital stock, $100,000. B. F. Hobart, President; F. E. Doubleday, vice-president; A. L. Chaplin, cashier. B. F. Hobart, F. E. Doubleday, J. C. Merrill, J. M. Goff, Frank Playter, B. H. Wilson, D. Ramsey, Wm. S. Taylor, A. L. Chaplin, J. A. Nuttman, W. D. Ford, R. C. Kerens, directors.
Knights of Pythias
Black Diamond Lodge No. 65, K. of P. – Meet every Tuesday night at their hall in Kansas and Texas building, corner Fourth Street and Broadway. A. Jacobus, C. C.; L. C. Bowles, V. C.; A. T. North, K. R. of S.
U. R. K. of P. No. 38 – Meets every 2nd and 4th Monday of each month in their hall, corner Fourth Street and Broadway. Lee Van Winkle, S. R. K.
A. O. U. W.
Pittsburg Lodge No. 56 A. O. U. W. – Meets every Friday night in their hall, corner Second Street and Broadway. A. C. Barnes, M. W.; W. Jernigan, F.; Joseph Tindall, recorder.
Pittsburg Lodge No. 1, Sons of Herrmanus (German) – Membership 100. Meets every Thursday evening at their hall over Tessmer’s store, at 7:30 p. m. Frank Harbort, president, Fred Machata, secretary.
Masonic Hall – Over Kansas and Texas store, corner Fourth Street and Broadway.
Montjoie Commandery K. T., No. 29 – Organized May, 1888; members 48. T. P. Waskey, past E. C.; John R. Lindburg, E. C.; L. Kumm, G,; M. M. Snow, Cap. G.; Frank W. Lanyon, S. W.; John Lanning, J. W.; George W. Killam, Sword B.; W. Lanyon, Jr., Stand B.; John Brewer, Warden; D. S. Miller, Treasurer; Dr. W. F. DeNeidman, Secretary; H. Keck, Tyeler. Meets 2nd Wednesday in each month.
Pittsburg Chapter R. A. M., No 58 – Organized February 20th, 1884; members, 65; convocation 1st Friday in each month. Frank W. Lanyon, H. P.; John Lanning, K.; Sam Barratt, S.; Lee VanWinkle, C. of H.; L. Kumm, P. S.; J. B. McLean, R. A. C.; M. S. Grover, 3rd V.; A. O. Craig, 2nd V.; J. N. Hodges, 1st V.; George W. Killam, Treasurer; A. C. Jenness, Secretary; H. Keck, Tyler.
Pittsburg Lodge A. F. and A. M., No 187 – Organized October 16th, 1879; covocation 4th Thursday in each month. Lee Van Winkle, W. M.; E. W. Smith, S. W.; C. A. Patmor, J. W.; C. A. Miller, Treasurer; J. W. Jennings, Secretary; A. K. Lanyon, S. D.; G. A. Callahan, J. D.; D. F. D. Pomeroy, Tyler; A. Gardner, S. S.; John Ross, J. S.
Order Eastern Star
Robert Morris Chapter, No. 74 – Organized March 12, 1889; meets 2nd Friday in each month. Mrs. E. A. Magie, W. Matron; A. Coles, Worthy Patron; Miss Lou Symmes, Secretary.
Odd Fellows
Pittsburg City Lodge I. O. O. F., No. 196 – Hall over Patmore’s store, corner Third St. and Broadway; organized 1882; members, 90; meets every Monday night. A. T. Metzer, N. G.; James Sears, V. G.; I. N. Skinner, Secretary; H. S. Bowman, P. S.; Walter Elliott, Rep. G. L./ Robert Ratliff, Treasurer.
Daughters of Rebecca
Pittsburg Banner Lodge, No. 131 – Organized November 30th, 1889; members 51; meets every 1st and 3rd Friday in each month in Odd Fellow’s hall. Mrs Mary Dunkirly, N. G.; Mrs. Emma Hinkle, V.G.; Miss Agness Elliott, Rec. and Per Secretary; Mrs. Mary Edwards, Treasurer
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